5 Things You Should Buy in Your First Colourpop Order

On October 31st, Colourpop finally launched their exclusive line at Sephora, which is an amazing step for them as a company. People are so excited because they’ll finally be able to test these popular products in-store rather than only ordering them online (and you’ll earn those Beauty Insider points!) and VIB Rouge members will get that coveted Free Flash Shipping.

Everyone knows that Colourpop is one of the hottest makeup brands on the market right now. As a self-proclaimed Colourpop hoe, I can say it’s hard to dislike anything you purchase from Colourpop. They are constantly coming out with new products, as well as DUPES for new high-end products (*cough* Kylie Jenner makes her products in the same factory *cough*). They’re like fast fashion for makeup.

Although they still are honoring their low prices with their Sephora line, they’re only really selling sets of products on Sephora.com and at select locations, so you’re still paying $18-$30 for a set of products—and you might not like all of them. They purposefully have a better selection online than at Sephora, so you’re better off shopping with them online too.

“But you have to spend $30 to get free domestic shipping!” “I can’t test the things I purchase online!” “I can’t return anything I don’t like!”

Those are the three biggest complaints I get from people when I tell them to buy makeup from Colourpop. While you might not be able to test the colors of the products, they include pictures of the products on three different skin tones, so you can gauge how it might look on you based on where your skin tone falls within the models’. Yes there’s no return policy, but that’s because the products are already so inexpensive in the first place. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t hurt to give it away to a friend or your mom (hi Becky!).

Then there’s the issue of shipping. Colourpop offers free shipping on all orders pretty often, but if you REALLY want to try Colourpop RIGHT NOW, but don’t want to spend $30 on a set of products you’re not sure you’ll like, AND you want to get free shipping, this article is the perfect guide for you.

Here are five tried and true Colourpop products to add to your cart today, and snag free shipping.


1. Super Shock Shadow

Colourpop is best known for their Super Shock Shadows. “Our revolutionary creme-powder eyeshadow, famous for its unique bouncy texture, delivers bold colour in one swipe without creasing, fading or fallout.” At just $5, Colourpop Super Shock Shadows last all day, are super pigmented, and are the most universal texture. Dab on the color with one finger and blend out with a clean finger. The nice thing about the crème shadow is that it can go on bare skin or makeup set with powder.

When I’m in a pinch but need to look nice, I swipe on a glittery shade on my lid. My favorite shimmery shade is “Bubbly,” “A truly angelic pink satin with tons of silver and pink glitter.” It looks super cute, flirty, and simple—I get compliments every time I wear it.

My favorite matte/satin Super Shock Shadow, “Wattles,” also happens to be one of Colourpop’s bestselling shadows. “Waddle on over and check out this dusty beige pink satin.” It looks amazing in the crease and gives you that rosy no-makeup-makeup-look. Pair it with Bubbly or another shimmer shade for a more sophisticated eye look that takes no time at all.


2. Super Shock Highlighter

At just $8 a pan, Colourpop’s Super Shock Highlighter is sure to have you glowing. “We took our famous Super Shock formula and added luminous pearls and glimmer to create the perfect crème powder highlighter.” Their formula, similar to their shadow formula, works perfectly on dewy or matte makeup. They have the perfect shades for any skintone—light, medium, and dark—so there’s something for everyone.

Colourpop’s best-selling highlighter, “Flexitarian,” is a subtler glow. “Swing both ways in this intense white champagne.” I love putting this on bare skin when I go to the gym. People literally tell me I’m glowing.

Pop on some of my personal favorite, “Spoon” if you want cheeks that really sparkle. “A light silver champagne with multi-dimensional glitter, that is sure to get you forked.” If you want to look icier than a snow queen, this is the highlighter for you.


3. Lippie Pencils

Colourpop was originally famous in the YouTube makeup community for their highly pigmented, budge-proof Lippie Pencils—“Create clean lines and prevent feathering disasters with our long-wearing and super pigmented lip liner designed to be worn under your fave matching lip colour.” My honest-to-a-fault makeup artist queen Tati Westbrook approves, which is always a bonus for me. All of the Lippie Pencils come with a matching Lippie Stick, which can be the perfect gift for the makeup lover or makeup newbie in your life.

One of my go-to Lippie Pencil colors is “Lumiere.” Marketed as “a dusty mauve pink” (do you see a trend here?), this color looks perfect on its own, under lip gloss, or under your favorite nude lipstick. They’re only $5, so it’s impossible to say no.


4. Blotted Lip

The Blotted Lip (or its liquid sister, the Ultra Blotted Lip) is a must-have for literally any woman on the go. You can swipe it on once for a sheer wash of color, or build it up for a more opaque color. “For that perfect popsicle-stained pout, our sheer matte lipstick provides a casual wash of colour that’s buildable and lightweight.”

Candyfloss is a super similar color to my favorite discontinued color. It’s a perfect nude for any skin tone. “Satisfy your sweet tooth with this warm terracotta.” These are also only $5, and they’re the perfect size to toss in your purse or makeup bag to refresh throughout your day.


5. Pressed Powder Shadow

With the popularity of their Super Shock Shadows, Colourpop expanded into the realm of Pressed Powders. “The powder eyeshadow of your dreams - super pigmented colour in a variety of finishes, easily blendable, and velvety soft texture creates a soft-focus effect that’s super longwearing.”

Each shadow retails for just $5 apiece, so you can build your own color story in a magnetized palette (I made a dupe palette of the colors I liked from Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Day collection, for half the price). If that’s too daunting for you, they make small and large palettes for any personality.

One of my personal faves is the “lo-key” eyeshadow palette. At $12 (a $20 value), the palette contains a variety of 4 removable shadows in a magnetized palette. “Warm palette filled with orange and red shades in mixed finishes to create a fresh and trendy look. Take It Slow: metallic warm champagne. I Owe You: matte mid-tone orange. Running Late: matte creamy orange. Criss Cross: matte brick orange.” With sunset eyes being a huge trend right now (and my personal favorite eye look), you can achieve one of the easiest makeups around for way less.



1 Super Shock Shadow - $5

1 Neutral Super Shock Highlighter - $8

1 Lippie Pencil - $5

1 Blotted Lip - $5

1 Eyeshadow Foursome - $12

Number of Items: 5 (technically 8 if you count each individual eyeshadow)

Coupons: $5 off for signing up for their emails

Grand Total: $30

Free Shipping?: YES

Still skeptical? They have tons of quizzes to help you pick the perfect shades for your skin tone, and tons of tutorials to help you out. Also, sign up for their emails (don't forget, you get a $5 off coupon when you do!) and follow them on Instagram and Snapchat! It'll help you know when they have amazing deals going on. Plus their gorgeous marketing team, Sharon and Jordyn, are always swatching new products on tons of different people who work there. They all have different skin tones and different styles of doing makeup, so there’s something on Colourpop.com for everyone.

After your first purchase, I suggest you leap out of your comfort zone and try new things! Let me know what your favorites are.


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