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5 Things We Can Learn from the Characters of Mad Men


Mad Men is more than just an entertaining TV show. It is a way of life (thank you awesome costuming department). Here are the best lessons you can take from Mad Men and apply it to your everyday, 2013, life.


1.     Beware of a clean-cut man in a form-fitting suit.

Two words: Donald Draper. Luckily, Joan proves that women have a few tricks up their sleeves as well. (A well-dressed woman can do some serious damage herself.)

2.     Alcohol and oysters don’t mix.

Alcoholism in general is probably a pretty good thing to avoid. No one wants to be another Roger Sterling.

3.     After awhile promiscuity gets old… for everyone.

Even Don, the protagonist (or antagonist depending on how you see it), realizes his coworkers as well as himself can kind of be a bunch of egotistical pigs. There comes a time when everyone has to settle down or you’ll over stay your welcome.

4.     Always be prepared for mother nature to pay a visit.

I think we all remember Sally’s first date at the museum. There is no reason to let that time of the month ruin a good time. Just stay prepared for it.

5.     Sometimes you have to take what you deserve.

Exhibit A: Peggy Olson would have never rose in the ranks if she didn’t fight for her position. Nobody is going to hand you a raise so sometimes you just have to straight up ask for it. After all, it worked for Peggy.

Exhibit B: On the contrary, Joan took forever to speak up. Don’t let anyone walk all over you.


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