5 Super Spooky Spots in Massachusetts to Visit This Fall

Fall is officially upon us, which means that spooky season is in full swing here in Massachusetts. Whether it be towns with tragic histories, forests with hidden secrets, or hotels with looming spirits, you can immerse yourself into the Halloween season anywhere in New England.

  1. 1. The Witch House in Salem, MA

    Of course, I had to put Salem at the top of this list––it’s Halloween central. It’s the town where you can quite literally be anything or anyone you want to be––you can be a warlock, a Ghostbuster, Pennywise from It, or even Winnie the Pooh. You could also step into the shoes of a real Salem witch by visiting where the witches were hanged in 1692 at Gallow’s Hill, seeing the Witch Dungeon Museum, or experiencing an authentic reenactment of a witch trial. But the coolest thing to do in Salem as a witch may be to go to The Witch House, which is the former home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, who ultimately sentenced nineteen accused witches to their deaths at the gallows. The Witch House is also the only standing building in Salem with direct ties to the Witch Trials in 1692, which makes it the perfect spooky place to visit in this haunted town.

  2. 2. Freetown Fall River State Forest in Assonet, MA

    It’s easy to see why Freetown Fall River State Forest (a.k.a. the Cursed Forest of Massachusetts) is considered to be the most haunted forest in America––its long, dark, and terrifying history is based on numerous real-life accounts. Throughout the 70s and 80s, there were reports of several murders within or around the forest, Satanic activity deep in the woods, and even suspicious clearings with animal blood. This forest is still allegedly the site of blood sacrifices, mysterious orbs of light, paranormal activity, and abductions. Whether you believe in the mysterious powers of the forest or not, Freetown Fall River State Forest is definitely a fascinating spot to explore––just beware of the dark forces at work.

  3. 3. Lizzie Borden’s House in Fall River, MA

    Lizzie Borden’s house, a.k.a. the house where she hacked her parents to death in 1892, is now a bed and breakfast, where visitors can sleep and relive the bloody murder themselves. It is said that the owners strategically place pictures of the murder scene throughout the home so that guests can feel as uncomfortable and unsettled as possible, creating a haunted and spooky atmosphere. If you think you’re brave enough to endure a night in this frightening bed and breakfast, be my guest.

  4. 4. Taunton State Hospital in Taunton, MA

    Abandoned in 1975, Taunton State Hospital is known for its especially strange and scary paranormal sightings. In fact, in the 1800s, it was rumored that the basement of the hospital was being run by a Satanic Cult who conducted rituals and human sacrifices on patients. Allegedly, there are still unexplained marks and images on the walls of the basement; people also still feel some sort of unexplained force in the basement that prevents them from moving past the staircase. Famous patients of the hospital include Jane Toppan, a serial killer who murdered over 30 people while working as a nurse. So if you are looking for a haunted hospital probably filled with hundreds of spirits with unfinished business, I highly recommend this spooky spot.

  5. 5. Colonial Inn in Concord, MA

    Here’s an especially spooky one for you at the end of this list. Injured soldiers in the Revolutionary War who did not make it out alive were stored in a makeshift morgue at this Colonial Inn in Concord, MA, which dates back to the 1700s. Room 24 is known as the most haunted room in the hotel since it was Dr. Timothy Minot’s operating room. Consequently, guests of this room have reported seeing disembodied figures, flickering lights, and floating orbs during their stay at the inn.

While some of the spooky spots on this list are especially scary in their haunted histories, each spot is fun for exploring and discovering with friends––but just make sure you don’t get snagged by a ghost along the way. Happy haunting!

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