5 Stages of Cold Weather Grief – Clothing Edition

Living in Boston during the fall and the winter, we all know that the weather changes and changes quickly. One day it’s sunny with beautiful fall foliage and a nice breeze off the Charles, and the next day it can be a blizzard, -10 degrees and a harsher wind-chill. As college girls, we’ve all been quoted as saying, “I actually can’t wait for the weather to change so I can wear my cute winter clothes” and for the most part this is true. However, before we know it, we’ll be cold and miserable in our sweatpants begging for the spring to save us from the Boston winter. As college girls in Boston, we have all experienced these 5 stages of cold weather grief and changed our feelings and outfits accordingly…

1.Denial (late September into October)

“Sure, the weather is a little bit chillier than it was last week and the sun goes down a little sooner. So what? My riding boots can finally come out of hibernation and my Patagonia vest will finally be an acceptable accessory! I mean, by noon it’s 10 degrees warmer than it is during my 9am class! Fall in Boston is not even that bad. What is everyone even complaining about? OMG it’s almost flannel weather… I can’t even wait. I’m going to look so #fall-y!”

2.Anger (Late October through November)

“Okay this is a little worse than I thought. Why can’t the weather make up its mind? Yesterday I literally wore a vest and today I need a parka. There’s frost all over everything in the morning and I almost wiped out in my riding boots in front of everyone on the BU Bridge. Awesome. I guess it’s time to bring out the hunter boots. Maybe even my bean boots? Whatever keeps my feet warmer? I still want to look cute… Ugh. At least things will look pretty when the first real snow comes!”

3.Bargaining (November through December)

“Dear college gods/ Econ professor … PLEASE cancel class tomorrow. It is far too cold for me to have any motivation to leave my cozy bed and get to class, never mind put on a decent-looking outfit. I’ve worn the same leggings like three times this week! Okay maybe if I skip class and stay in bed I can get all my work done for tomorrow and then not skip another class for the rest of the semester. That works right? I mean, it’s so cold and the BU bus is so much slower when there are snow flurries. Plus I’m not really sure where I left my Uggs. If I’m going to be late AND going to be dressed all scrubby, is it even worth going…?

4.Depression (January through February into March)

Ugh. Winter in Boston really does suck. All that beautiful snow I was looking forward to in November? Well it really isn’t pretty in huge brown piles on the side of Comm. Ave.  My Bean Boots are barely even keeping my feet warm anymore and my BU sweatshirt has been worn way too many times and should probably be washed. But it’s so cold… I don’t want to even move… should I go eat food? I don’t want to put on real clothes and interact with real people in the dining hall… I made the mistake of looking at Facebook pictures today from summertime and that was a huge mistake. I can barely even remember a time my pale legs weren’t in sweatpants never mind in those mini shorts… when’s summer again?

5.Acceptance (March)

I don’t care what I look like anymore and I am more than willing to wear the same pair of jeans for five days straight. At least the sun stays up a little longer and the snow is finally melting. Maybe someday I’ll be able to remember what grass looks like. It’s not that cold anymore and I haven’t had to wear my puffy coat for a few weeks so that’s good! I can’t believe it’s almost spring break! Honestly the winter wasn’t even that long. I feel like last winter was just a ‘bad’ winter and it was colder than usual. I’m sure next winter won’t be as bad; I mean I love wearing my favorite cable-knit sweater anyway.