5 Reasons Why You Should Strive to be Like David S. Pumpkins this Halloween

Let’s take a moment to honor our Halloween king, David S. Pumpkins. Here's why we should all aspire to emulate the REAL pumpkin king:


His outfit

David Pumpkins lives up to his name. The black suit with orange pumpkins? The hair? The combination can only be described in one word – ICONIC.


His squad

David Pumpkins has his skeletons (they’re PART OF IT). If only we could all have this supportive of a squad.


His confidence

David S. Pumpkins knows who he is and OWNS it. When people are confused by him, what does he do? He gives them his middle initial.


His moves

No one can TOUCH my man David Pumpkins on the dance floor. The choreography. The squad chemistry. The enthusiasm. Unparalleled.


His Halloween spirit

He literally is on 73 out of 100 of the floors of frights. His Halloween spirit is unmatched and second to none. I would argue he gives Pumpkin King Jack Skellington a run for his money.