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5 Reasons Why Spending Spring Break at Home is The Best

Save some of that tuition money this spring break and revel in the perks of being home. I’m about to tell you why I believe home is the best place to be over spring break (as I lay in my bed with sweats on). Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Laying in bed is an acceptable activity

Listen, I’m not trying to say that you can’t lay in bed in Miami or Cancún––you can and I have­­––but if you’re somewhere with a sun that actually provides heat in March, you should take advantage of it. However, when you return back to your home, warm weather or not, all that is expected of you is to relax and be happy you’re home. Nap away and feel no guilt.

2. No need for bathing suits or summer attire.

Say what you will about BU food and its “Sargent Choice” sticker, but the weather outside still says its winter to me, which means my summer bod is not ready to come out and play. Spring break for me is more of a sweater, sweatpants time than a bikini time. Listen…always feel comfortable in your body, but if I can wear sweats and have it be socially acceptable, I won’t say no.

3. Being in your own bed again.

Hotels are the best. Buffets, people from all over the world, and fancy chocolates on your pillow are great too, but nothing compares to my bed at home. I don’t know about you, but that first night I come home and sleep in my bed, I swear I go into a slight coma for the night. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to the Warren twin XL beds––but if you ask me, nothing can beat the feeling your own bed gives you.

4. Getting to see all those people you don’t want to see in town (but it wouldn’t be home without them). 

We all have those people we always see in town that we attempt to avoid with everything in us. I know this sounds like a negative of staying home, but regardless of how talkative, nosy, or intrusive these folks are, they prove to you just how much people from your hometown care about you. Try to look at it in a positive light––clearly, they are interested in your life. 

5. Some home-cookin’.

Last but certainly not least. Home. Cooked. Meals. The remedy for anything you might be feeling. Feel sick…homemade chicken soup. Feeling excited…homemade pasta and meatballs. Feeling anxious…I repeat (due to importance) homemade pasta and meatballs. There are so many options, and something about making it on your own stove and not having it warmed up on a hot plate in Warren Towers makes it so much more satisfying. Not to knock “Sargent Choice” food, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal. 

So for those of you in Cancún, have fun…you have it pretty good too, not gonna lie. But for all you chilling at home this spring break, I hope I convinced you why you have it so great. Lay in bed, bundle up, and eat well––soon, you will be back at beautiful BU.


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