5 Reasons Why Partying with Your Parents is the Best

Until I graduated high school and went to college, I thought my parents were the most boring people on earth. They go to bed at 10 pm and think lecturing me and my brothers about our poor finances is a fun pastime. My parents excel at fulfilling the boring parent stereotype. However, since turning 21, I’m slowly realizing my parents are the most fun people I know and here’s why.


1. Free drinks

The big struggle when going out to bars is affording the cover and all of the vodka sodas. BUT, if you take your parents out to a bar with you, they’ll be so happy to be spending time with you they’ll want to buy you that third shot of fireball.  


2. It's an early night

My parents are definitely morning people, which means they don’t stay out too late. Occasionally, my parents and I will grab dinner and a drink at a local restaurant or bar. However, the next thing I know, my mom and I are a bottle deep into Pinot Grigio and hand the keys to my brother so he can drive home. The best part is it’s only 9pm. I’m able to get free dinner, drinks, and a ride home while also having the luxury of going to bed by 10 pm. It’s the ultimate goal.


3. There's no pressure to dress cute

Going out with friends is so much fun, but is also a lot of pressure and preparation. You have to make sure you’re all wearing similar outfits and that no one is dressed too casually or too fancy.  When you go out with your parents, you can wear leggings and a sweatshirt and no one will care. It’s perfect.


4. There are no expectations

Some of the best nights I’ve had at bars involve my parents. Typically, when I go out with my friends, things get a little out of hand and everyone gets a lot crazier than planned. Going out with your parents allows you to have zero expectations for the night.  If you don’t get drunk, that's a good thing because you can’t say things you’ll regret the next day or do anything stupid. However, if you do get drunk with your parents, congratulations. I think it's the best when kids can enjoy getting tipsy with their parents because it shows you’re all on an equal playing field. You’re no longer a child in their eyes and you can have an adult conversation over a glass of wine... or three. 


5. You don't have to worry about people flirting with you

Hopefully, people will notice you’re with your parents and have enough respect not to hit on you. There's nothing more uncomfortable than being hit on in front of your parents because what do you say back? Especially if they’re cute. I’m not going to flirt with a boy in front of my parents no matter how cute they are. Thankfully (or unfortunately), I’ve never had this problem before.


Whether your parents are your best friends or you see them just as your parents, give partying with them a chance. Don’t ever underestimate your parents because they might surprise and even out-party you.  


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