5 Reasons We All Love and Hate Shonda Rhimes

We all have one person to thank for our go-to binge TV shows. Her name is Shonda Rhimes. She is the mastermind behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. Because of her, we have laughed, cried and screamed; and because of this we all love and hate her. Here are 5 reasons why Shonda Rhimes is the worst genius ever.



1. She created some of the most compelling leading ladies to ever be on television.

We should all strive to be like these women. Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating. Need I say more?


2. She makes you emotionally attached to FICTIONAL characters/couples/storylines…


No matter what Shonda creation you watch, you find yourself emotionally invested into every aspect of each character’s lives. Shonda has the unbelievable skill to make you care.


3. Before she rips your heart out and stomps on it.

Do I even need to mention George? McDreamy? Lexie and Sloan? Fitz and Olivia? Jake and Olivia? Frank and Laurel? Connor and Oliver? Didn’t think so. Shonda is an evil mastermind when it comes to cliffhangers, twists, or killing off one of your favorite characters.


4. She includes relevant issues into her shows.

Shonda isn’t one to shy away from incorporating important political or social issues into her show. She has incorporated gun violence in Grey’s Anatomy, and police brutality, freedom of speech and women’s reproductive rights in Scandal. At the end of episodes with these relevant issues, she also includes a PSA.

5. If you start binge-watching her shows, you won’t be able to stop.

I haven’t determined whether this is a good or bad quality, so it’s probably both. People will tell you that you can’t watch a whole season of How to Get Away with Murder in a week, but you WILL prove otherwise.