The 5 Reasons I Cannot Wait for Spring in Boston

Boston is beautiful any time of the year, but Spring in Boston is wonderful! The weather warms up, everybody puts on their springtime clothing, and summer vacation is quickly approaching. Read on to learn about five fun things to do in Boston in the Spring!

1. The Esplanade

My affinity for the Esplanade is a joking point in my family. I love everything about the esplanade from walking along it, kayaking in it, running along it to having picnics on the docs with my friends. I am so looking forward to spending more time at my favorite place once the weather warms up. It's great to go and just read a book on the bench or catch up with friends on the docks while eating Sweetgreen.

2. SOWA open market

Another favorite of mine, the SOWA open market runs from May-October so BU students not taking summer classes will only be able to experience opening weekend there but it’s one of Boston’s hidden gems. There are farmers markets, artisans selling their homemade jewelry and goods as well as delicious food trucks all over the place. 

3. Marathon Monday

Every Boston/BU students favorite thing about springtime in Boston is Marathon Monday because a random Monday off in April to go watch a marathon is everyone's favorite holiday. I’m looking forward to a day off and a day to celebrate my favorite city! All the college kids get up early (like 6 a.m.) to gather and celebrate the day! Everybody looks forward to it all year long!

4. Boston ArtWeek

I have yet to attend Boston ArtWeek, but I am really looking forward to adding it to my to do list this year! Boston has a thriving arts scene including cool museums like the Isabella Steward Gardner museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. There will be live music, art, and food at Boston ArtWeek. I cannot wait! More information, visit here.

5. Boston Public Garden

Another favorite spot in the city is the Public Garden! I’m so looking forward to see all of the flowers blooming and to go there with my friends when it is finally nice out! It's a great place to relax, read a book, and ponder life. However, it's a huge tourist attraction so be prepared for a crowd!

Overall, Boston has a lot to offer and springtime in Boston also has fun attractions for everyone to enjoy.


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