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5 Planner Printables for When Your Life is Too Hectic

Just yesterday, I went to the Brookline Booksmith with my roommate after brunch and I spent maybe 70% of my time there looking at planners. I’m very particular about my planners— I like them to be A4 size, lightly lined, and preferably undated. This kind of pickiness often deters me from buying planners. And while I have entertained the thought of a bujo and just putting things on my Google Calendar, neither of these options resonate with me fully.

The logical decision is to turn to planner printables. I particularly like how they provide you structure while still giving you plenty of room to be creative and unique with them. Here are 5 of my favorite printables.

Emmastudies’s Student & Calendar Printables

While my studyblr has been quite inactive lately (sorry to the 10k people who still follow me, I’m so sorry!), it used to be full of reblogs from emmastudies, one of my favorite accounts! Her “2019 Free Student and Calendar Printables” features useful printables ranging from goal sheets to a monthly planner to a cute year-in-pixels design for those who are more visual.

You can download them here.

The Arialligraphy Project’s Templates

While unfortunately, this page isn’t super active anymore (no more calendars), there are a lot of general and academic printables that I use a lot for my classes. Some of my favorites are the “Remember My Name Study Guide,” which comes in soooooo handy for those historical consciousness-presenting classes (psych, anyone?), and the jazzed up to-do list.

Find her printables here.

Taking Care of Monkey Business’s Undated Monthly Planner

There’s just something so admirable about the organization of mommy bloggers— am I getting old? My guilty pleasure is perusing blogs like these for all the hidden gems, including underrated recipes and printables like these. It’s Type A energy presented in an unintimidating, pastel-colored way, and who doesn’t love that?

Download it here.

Lovely Planner’s Monthly Calendars

Every minimalist’s dream. These printables are clean, sleek, and professional. Perfect for those who are no-nonsense or for those who want to add their own frills and flair.

Download here.

BU’s Educational Resource Center’s 24-Hour Time Planner

I might be a little biased because I work at the Educational Resource Center, but I really love this 24-hour time grid. I first used it during my FY101 class freshman year, and it was an eye-opening activity that really made me ponder my time management and how I was dividing my time. Design-wise, it’s a bit more simplistic, but practically, it really is so helpful.

Download it here.

Good luck with the last rush of midterms and projects before finals season hits! Remember to stay organized and structured.

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Carina is a senior studying Economics + Psychology at Boston University. She is passionate about marketing, Sally Rooney, and caramel lattes.