5 Places to Visit in NYC This Spring Break

If you are visiting The City That Never Sleeps you already know there are so many (free) places to see and experience. What I love about NYC is how easy it is to get from uptown to downtown for $2.75! So grab your friends and take the next subway going anywhere, don’t stop believing!

  1. 1. Central Park

    The first location is the iconic Central Park, which can be found in the heart of NYC. Bring a blanket for you and your friends to sit on while you gaze at the beautiful sunny skies. Or go for a walk through the Bethesda Terrace and take pictures overlooking the lake. If you are feeling hungry, go to The Loeb Boathouse Restaurant and enjoy a fancy meal while watching couples rowing boats and swans and turtles going for a swim.

  2. 2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    To the West of Central Park, there’s a street full of museums that give discounted entrance to students! My favorite one of all is the Met. Here you can enjoy the art while exploring the five stories and over two million works of art within! This is a charming place to take pictures for your insta as well, so win-win!

  3. 3. Times Square

    people crossing intersection new york city times square

    When one thinks of NYC, the skyscrapers beaming with billboards of every brand you know can all be found in this one place. Times Square is directly outside of Penn Station on 34th Street. You can visit Forever21 and the M&M’s World, watch a Broadway show, go on a tour bus, or eat some of the best food cart appetizers such as chicken gyros (all time fav), chicken with lamb over rice, and the well-known B.E.C. (bacon, eggs, cheese) at the local bodega.

  4. 4. Rockefeller Center

    My favorite New York past-time is having brunch with the girls and this is the perfect place to do so. During the summertime, the Rockefeller Center turns its base floor into an extension of the Concourse Restaurant, making this your next brunch restaurant. During the winter months, the scenery changes to a huge ice skating rink where people of all ages show-off their skating skills. Then enjoy some hot cocoa from the Starbucks nearby to warm yourself!

  5. 5. Huntington Village- Main Street (Long Island)

    About an hour’s drive east of NYC, Huntington is a town with a strong rustic, suburban atmosphere. It’s vibrant during the summer months, filled with young people roaming the local stores, strolling through the streets with ice cream or walking their dogs. I went there with a friend of mine and I discovered it's a beautiful place for sightseeing in Long Island as there is a marina nearby and you can watch the sunset with your loved one. Stay around after the sun goes down for more nightlife as adults go to clubs such as The Paramount and enjoy some 80s rock music.

If you're looking for more places to visit, check out the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, and Washington Square Park where young people also love to hang out in the city. From a true New Yorker, happy travels!

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