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5 Places to Secondhand Shop Online

Lately, it seems like sustainability has become more of a focus online, which has shifted to a change in behavior as well. However, shopping sustainably can be expensive and time-consuming, as brands such as Reformation are usually not within the typical college students budget, and thrifting takes more time and energy

The best solution to both issues? Online second-hand stores.


A true thrift store experience on your laptop, ThredUp has a wide range of choices. Some clothes are still being sold in traditional retail stores, while others look like they’re a couple of years older, so you never know what you might find. But it’s the perfect website to scroll through while you’re in lecture.


Poshmark is ideal for finding name brand clothes at a cheaper price. While people send their clothes into ThredUp, who then posts pictures and sends the items to you, Poshmark is just a platform for other people to post their clothes, which means you have to be diligent about asking questions about condition and getting measurements as well.


Similar to Poshmark, Depop is also a platform for people to sell their clothes. However, it seems to attract more YouTubers and influencers who sell their gently used clothing, and also has a better selection of vintage or thrifted clothes. Additionally, it offers international shipping.


For lightly used luxury goods, TheRealReal is a great website to start off on. They have staff in-house that authenticates the items, so you can be sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for. In larger cities, TheRealReal also has locations where you can shop in person.


Tradesy also sells luxury goods, but the sellers ship directly to you, instead of being authenticated first by an in-house team, like TheRealReal. However, they use a technology they claim spots fakes, and offers free return shipping and authentication if you suspect the item you received is a fake, so you can shop without worrying.

With options for a variety of price ranges and the convenience of doing it all from your laptop, it makes it a little easier to move away from fast fashion, and practice shopping more sustainably. You could definitely also find a couple of Reformation dresses as well for maximum sustainability.


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Angelina is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in Public Relations. Originally from the Bay Area, California, she is currently still adjusting to experiencing real seasons. Her hobbies include looking for cheap flights, listening to "Why'd You Push that Button," and going to Trader Joe's.
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