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The 5 Parties You’ll Attend Your Freshman Year

The 5 Parties You'll Attend Your Freshman Year

The arrival of the first week of college intertwines every single emotion you’ve ever had into one. The anxiety. The excitement. The endless questioning of everything you’ve done to prepare. Did I forget anything? What if my roommate and I hate each other? What if I hate my classes? Damn it, I totally forgot my straightener. Usually, one lurking worry trumps over all: what if I don’t make any friends? Will I even leave my dorm room?

Well, thankfully, those last two questions are easily answered by the first hour of college—it is literally impossible to not make friends. At BU, the constant events of on campus life and the hustle of the city can keep you socially entertained for a lifetime. Of course, one of the best parts of being away for school is exploring the city's night life. And in a city with so many universities, not taking advantage of the events of other schools is simply not an option. However, as a freshman, building up your friendships with students at other schools is an act of random luck. And you’re going to end up going to some duds for parties—but don’t worry, every other college kid is in the same boat. That's the beauty of freshman year—even if you hit a boring night on Beacon Street, there’s always Late Night Cafe to welcome you back home. Here are the five parties you will DEFINITELY go to your freshman year:

The Sweaty Basement Party Sweat. Basement. Both of these elements barely sound appealing. However, once the word “party” is mentioned, the lines outside will increase tenfold. These are the parties that everyone talks about, but hardly anyone raves about. They are your typical frats—it’s possible to have a great time, but you have to put all sense of self-awareness aside as you sweat off ten pounds next to some guy in a toga. I think it’s an almost collegiate rite of passage to experience a frat party at least once, and if you don’t have fun at least you have acquired new wisdom to pass on down the generations. 

The “Why Have We Been Walking For Two Hours” Party Ah, the infamous Allston Crawl. Something every BU freshman is warned about, told not to do, and then ends up doing anyway. Rarely does someone yield results from a Crawl, as only two parties will be going on, and they are so far away from central campus that walking feels like a journey into freaking Narnia. I remain fully convinced that you could get there at 6pm and they will still tell you, “over capacity”. 

The “How Did I Get In Here?” Upperclassmen Party These are the parties that will give you the most confidence. First, you run into an old friend from your high school, a leader of a club you’re in, or just an older friend in one of your classes. Then, they deem you worthy enough to come with them to a more exclusive party than the frats that the freshmen are usually forced to attend. You remain grateful to this friend for the rest of the night, and the boost your ego gets? Indescribable. 

The “I Uber’d For this So I Have to Stay” Party If you have to learn the hard way, do it soon in your freshman year. Never take an uber without a definite game plan. That party that you heard was “raging?" You’ll get there, and it will be one person shrugging their shoulders. By that point, you’ll be $8 poorer and it’s not even worth it to go back right away. When you find yourself in this situation, make friends with everyone. You’ll likely be with at least one person you know, but if you’re off campus, just be friendly to everyone you meet. Don’t let those $8 go to waste without having a good night out. 

The Dorm Room Party These parties are the ones that no freshman talks about in the beginning, but they are honestly the most chill. Just hanging out with your friends and your floormates in your room, doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company—that’s what everyone wants in life. People you can do nothing with, but somehow that feels like everything.

So, BU freshmen, don’t sweat it if you see your best friends from home raging on a Tuesday night. We may not have the party schedule of other schools, but we have Boston, and that’s the best prize. 

Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.
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