5 Netflix Shows to Match Your Every Mood

Regardless of your mood, you can always use the time to just sit down, relax, and watch some TV. Unfortunately, when you’ve had a long or particularly depressing day, sometimes the stupid love triangles on Gossip Girl are just not what you need. Other times, a lighthearted comedy like The Office or New Girl can be the perfect pick-me-up on a rough day. Throughout my many moods and many Netflix binge-watches, I have compiled a list of the perfect Netflix shows to watch for every mood.

  1. 1. Feeling Sad?

    Greys Anatomy is the perfect show for any time you’re sad and need to cry. Every episode features a new patient with a sob story good enough to evoke some tears. But for a guaranteed cry, I would recommend any episodes that involve some classic Meredith and Derek drama or a main character leaving or dying. Thank you to Shonda Rhimes for ensuring that this happens at least once a season.

  2. 2. Feeling Curious?

    Are you watching Netflix to procrastinate your homework, but still in the mood to learn something new? Watch either Dope or The Mind Explained. Dope is a documentary TV show that goes undercover in various drug cartels to investigate how drugs are smuggled into the US and how they get to consumers. This show is incredibly fascinating and also does a great job of encouraging viewers to not do drugs. It is very educational. The Mind Explained is a super quick and interesting show that explains a different process of the brain in each 20-minute episode. A plus of watching this show is that it could potentially help you with any psychology or biology homework you may have, so it is definitely worth watching.

  3. 3. Feeling Girly?

    From doing facemasks to eating dessert to gossiping, whatever you’re doing at your girls’ night can always be complemented by watching Gilmore Girls. The wholesome mother-daughter relationship between Lorelei and Rory, their romantic drama, and all of Kurt’s crazy jobs are bound to make your girls’ night even more fun.

  4. 4. Feeling Dramatic?

    In the mood for some crazy family betrayals? Love triangles? Bougie clothes? Then Gossip Girl is the show for you! The unexpected plot twists and secrets among the characters, not to mention their beautiful clothes and accessories, will ensure that you get your fill of drama. It’s so enticing that it will be hard to stop watching!

  5. 5. Feeling Funny?

    Although everyone has probably already seen The Office about a thousand times, it is undeniably a classic show that never fails to put a smile on people’s faces. From Pam and Jim’s relationship to Michael’s insanity to Dwight’s overall persona, everything about this show is so perfectly thought out. Any episode that you watch is bound to make some laughs.

All in all, no matter what mood you are feeling, there is always a Netflix show for you! It’s the perfect way to relax, cry it out, or laugh with friends.

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