5 Must-Visit Eateries in Toronto

Last week, I went to Toronto for the long weekend, and if you’re someone who loves food like I do, you need to visit these restaurants if you ever find yourself in the area. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of options and quality of ingredients — it was so fresh and full of flavor! Here are my top five picks, sweet, savory, n’ all! 

  1. 1. La Carnita

    As the name suggests, this restaurant is about everything Mexican. The relatively small space is a great blend of authentic Mexican food with hints of modernity in its interior. While it is definitely on the pricier side, they do offer great deals with their set menu. For all my veggie gals (just like me) I would recommend the spicy mushroom taco — it may look too small to fill you up but trust me, a plate of those soft-shell tacos bursting with flavor and some warm churros with dark chocolate for dessert and you’re good to go! 

  2. 2. Tav’s

    Gnocchi, anyone? This place knows how to do it right! Run by two Italian men, this rustic looking eatery is like a little Italy. They believe in fresh food made with love (like seriously, can it get any more Italian than that?) and offer a variety of freshly made pasta and gnocchi. I had the four cheese gnocchi with truffles and mushrooms, and it was truly like a piece of heaven. 

  3. 3. Planta

    Definitely adding this one to my list of favorite plant-based restaurants! I was intrigued by the brunch menu because of the quirky combinations they had and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! For someone who is a lover of sweet and savory together, the mushroom on waffles with maple Sriracha is a must-try. This plant-based, experimental take on the traditional “chicken and waffle” was light yet filling, and full of different textures and flavors with a combination of a variety of mushrooms sautéed and fried on a fluffy waffle. Topped with an interesting combination of Sriracha and maple syrup, I can’t wait to try making this delectable meal myself! 

  4. 4. Momofuku Noodle Bar

    Anyone who knows me knows my absolute love for everything spicy (and I mean spicy!). While I hadn’t found anything that truly challenged my tolerance for spice in the last two years that I’ve been on this side of the world, this renowned noodle bar really did the trick. I got the spicy noodles expecting it to be flavorful, but not really spicy (even though the server said it’s spicy). When it arrived at the table, it was served with a shot of chilled soy milk to calm the spice and I actually laughed when they did that because “I bet it’s not that spicy” and oh boy, was I wrong! It was definitely every spice lover’s dream — so spicy but so good! 

  5. 5. Lady Marmalade

    This popular brunch destination in the city is the epitome of basic home cooking at its finest. While we did have to wait in line for a table for a while, it’s safe to say that the food was worth the wait! While the savory items were regular brunch goods made to perfection, the highlight of my meal was a freshly made loaf of Apple and Cinnamon bread pudding topped with fresh berries, accompanied with a Bailey’s latte. While that may sound like a sugar overdose to some, I found that the berries really helped balance the sweetness and the latte added a rich chocolatey bitterness to every bite. The pudding itself effortlessly melted into my mouth with the cinnamon stewed apples. If there’s one place you need to go to and one thing you must eat in Toronto, this is definitely it! 

If you ever do find yourself strolling the streets of The Six, hungry or not, these places are worth the space in your stomach and the tiny little hole in your wallet. 


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