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5 Movies to See Over Thanksgiving Break

As the end of the year approaches, many movies that will contend for Oscars are going to be released, so the theaters are packed with great flicks. This Thanksgiving break, if you find yourself with some free time and it’s too frigid to do anything else, consider seeing one of these five movies coming out Thanksgiving weekend.


1. Creed II

(Directed by Steven Caple Jr.; starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and Dolph Lundgren; coming November 23rd)

Creed II finds Creed and Rocky sparring off against a shared nemesis. (Credit: Philly)

Creed II, the follow up to 2015’s Creed, finds Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) again training with Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), but this time, the stakes are even higher. He faces off with the son of Ivan Drago, who fans of Rocky will know from the fourth installment in the series. Not only was Drago Rocky’s nemesis, but Drago killed Creed’s father, Apollo Creed, in a boxing match before Adonis was born. Now, both Rocky and Creed will unite in attempts to defeat the son of the man with whom they both have a history. The film has garnered much attention thus far, and it seems likely it will get attention this awards season.


2. Green Book

(Directed by Peter Farrelly; starring Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen, and Linda Cardellini; coming November 23rd)

Green Book examines the racial relationship between a musician and his driver in 1960s America. (Credit: Variety)

Green Book tells the story of an unlikely friendship between Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), an African American pianist, and his white driver, Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen). Set in the 1960s, as Tony drives Don to his performances throughout the southern states, the expected racial prejudices and problems come up but, both men learn to examine their own prejudices and preconceived ideas of each other. The film has already won several awards at festivals across the country, most notably the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.


3. The Favourite

(Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos; starring Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, and Olivia Colman; coming November 23rd)

Director Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest feature tackles the complicated relationship between a British queen, her loyal friend, and the servant that suddenly comes into their lives. (Credit: Variety)

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos has become well known in recent years for his absurdist films like The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, that comment on modern society. Though his latest feature is set in 17th century England and is based on real events surrounding the British throne, it appears no less absurd than his previous films. Rachel Weisz stars as Lady Sarah, Queen Anne (Olivia Colman)’s loyal friend who helps her rule the nation when she becomes ill. Their friendship is thrown into question by the arrival of Abigail (Emma Stone), who cozies up to the queen and stirs Sarah’s jealousy. The film took home the prestigious Grand Special Jury Prize and the Volpi Cup at this year’s Venice Film Festival, and it is likely to get attention come award season early next year.


4. Becoming Astrid

(Directed by Pernille Fischer Christensen; starring Alba August, Trine Dyrholm, and Björn Gustafsson; coming November 23rd)

Becoming Astrid tells the story of Swedish children’s author Astrid Lindgren and how she became one of the most famous children’s writers in the world. (Credit: VIFF)

You may recognize the name Astrid Lindgren as the Swedish author of the children’s classic Pippi Longstocking – but, have you ever wondered how she became one of the most translated children’s writers in history? Becoming Astrid is the story of Lindgren’s life, from her beginnings growing up in rural Sweden to her start in the writing business working as an intern at a newspaper. The film focuses on her affair with her editor and her subsequent pregnancy, and the consequences she faced as an unmarried, pregnant woman in 1920s society. Becoming Astrid won the Audience Choice Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the Chicago International Film Festival this past October.


5. The World Before Your Feet 

(Directed by Jeremy Workman; starring Matt Green; coming November 23rd)

This documentary follows a man with a strange goal: to walk every block of New York City. (Credit: VIFF)

“The people in the world who captivate me the most are the people who do something just because they want to do it,” says Matt Green in the trailer for The World Before Your Feet. Green has a strange way of seeking out those people who fascinate him most: he attempts to walk every block of New York’s five boroughs. His years-long journey has led him to discover interesting facts about the ecosystems contained in each city block, and he discovers more about himself and humanity in the process.


So if you’re left with some free time over Thanksgiving break, consider catching one of these five films. Think about it this way; you’ll likely end up being ahead of the game when it comes to seeing Oscar nominees and, either way, you’ll be seeing some great films that tell important stories.  


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Ausma Palmer is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker from New York. She is currently a journalism student at Boston University and specializes in writing opinion pieces on gender issues and politics, as well as film and book reviews.
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