5 Late-Night Boston Eateries You Must Go To

Imagine yourself having a weekend full of seemingly endless nights. You have so much schoolwork to finish by Monday. You're so swamped by work that you find yourself forgetting to eat dinner when it's already midnight. The dining hall is closed and you're not too keen on getting the same order of curly fries from the late-night cafes on campus. But what can you eat in a city notorious for stores that close early? Never fear, there are still some spots to satisfy your midnight cravings in Boston. Here are five spots to check out when the clock strikes midnight.

  1. 1. Victoria Seafood

    Affectionately known as "Vicky's" to some, Victoria Seafood is the answer to your late-night Chinese takeout cravings. They have a wide range of dishes to try, from soups to (of course) seafood dishes to sizzling platters. If you're looking for a dish to soothe your stomach, try the Preserved Egg and Pork Porridge. The porridge comes piping hot and is the ultimate Chinese comfort food. Looking to try something new? Get the Salt and Pepper Squid. One bite of the squid will set an explosion of flavor in your mouth with the salt and pepper complimenting the crispy golden batter.

    Address: 1029 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

  2. 2. Bova’s Bakery

    Bova’s Bakery is the living dream of any dessert lover. This family-owned bakery is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with enough desserts and sweets to satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. From ricotta cannolis to milanos to whoopie pies, there’s something for everyone. But don’t let the name fool you. Bova’s is more than just a bakery; they also have drool-worthy subs, pizzas, and calzones. Address: 134 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113

  3. 3. Pinocchio’s Pizzas and Subs

    Tired of ordering Dominos and draining your dining points balance? Then Pinocchio’s Pizzas and Subs is worth a try. For $6.75, you can get two slices of pizza with or without toppings. More than just your average pepperoni and mushroom slices, the toppings at Pinocchio’s range from tomato basil to pesto chicken. If you’re not a pizza fan, Pinocchio’s also serves subs large enough to tame any growling stomach. Address: 74 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA 02138

  4. 4. South Street Diner

    If you’re in the mood for breakfast food in the middle of the night, South Street Diner is the place to go to. This diner doles out plate after plate of large pancakes and omelets all day, all night. The Boston Creme pancakes are the 24/7 joint’s unique take on a beloved Bostonian dessert with three fluffy pancakes stacked on top of one another and covered in a generous amount of chocolate sauce. On top of breakfast foods, South Street Diner serves other diner fares such as shakes and burgers. Address: 178 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

  5. 5. Azama Grill

    Looking for an alternative to the typical late-night dishes? Look no further, Azama Grill is here. With dishes like chicken shawarma and lamb kebabs, you can have a taste of Egyptian street food. What’s more, Azama Grill offers vegetarian options such as falafel and hummus so vegetarians won’t go hungry during a late-night trip to the restaurant. 

    Address: 54 Harvard Ave #1706, Boston, MA 02134

Next time you pull an all-nighter with an empty stomach, try one (or all) of these late-night spots!


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