5 Instagrammers for Your Travel Aesthetic

Before going on any trip, my favorite thing to do is to scour Instagram to find potential photos for inspiration. I’ve found it’s one of the best ways to find unique restaurants and things to see, as well as inspire and motivate me to spend a little less on online shopping so I can travel more.

  1. 1. Landscape Focused: Lucia Tranos of @lucyinthessky

    Trying to plan your next Mediterranean summer trip? Lucia’s feed is full of photos of Santorini sunsets, white cobblestone paths, and clear blue beaches. Most of her photos are shot from farther away, so make sure to save some posts for inspiration if you prefer your travel photos to focus on the landscape.

  2. 2. Posing with Your Significant Other/Friends: Lara Kamnik of @your_passport

    Traveling literally all over the world with her husband, Uros, Lara’s feed might inspire you to take a trip to less traveled destinations, like Jordan or Myanmar. Browse through her page for ideas on how to pose, especially if you’re bringing along your significant other or a friend.

  3. 3. Female Focused: @dametraveler

    Created by Nastasia Yakoub of @nastasiaspassport, Dame Traveler showcases photos from different female travel Instagrammers. Featuring photos from all corners of the world, this is the perfect feed to browse if you want to travel somewhere less popular, or just can’t figure out where to go. You can even tag your travel photos for a chance to be featured!

  4. 4. Color and Places to See/Eat: Tara Whiteman of @taramilktea

    If you’re a fan of color and interesting backdrops, Tara’s feed is just that. While she is a well-established travel Instagrammer who tends to stay at luxury locations, her posts are frequently geotagged and offer a long list of places to eat and see for the college student.

  5. 5. The Dream Lifestyle: Lauren Bullen of @gypsealust

    Undoubtedly one of the most well-known travel Instagrammers, Lauren is the definition of the lifestyle that leaves the rest of us gawking and frantically saving up. While most of her destinations and hotels are on the more expensive side, her feed offers lots of different angles and posing ideas.  

While travel Instagrammers may lead a different lifestyle than most college students, their photos still offer up lots of possible poses, editing styles, and places to visit. 

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