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5 Inevitable Problems All Extroverts Have

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

As much as I love chilling in bed with my laptop and cuddling my cat, it gets old quickly. I need attention and need to be texting or hanging out with people all the time. It’s sometimes a hassle to get your energy from people. Here are the five inevitable problems you will run into if you, too, are an extrovert.

We want to hang out..all the time.

I get my energy from people, so I want to hang out all the time. Even if it’s just grabbing a quick snack on my short break from classes, I don’t want to be alone! I have to hit up all my friends making them grab food with me.

We post on social media all the time.

Because I hang out with people all the time, I’m always posting on social media, showing off my friends and foods and adventures. Phone eats first! It may be annoying, but I love documenting my memories with everyone.

We’re so busy.

Being extroverted means I say yes to every single plan. Everything piles up, and then we’re running around all the time. It’s tiring, but exciting.

We hate being alone.

I hate being alone. I just get so sad and feel like I should be hanging out with other people. I know it’s completely fine to be alone, and I enjoy it most of the time, but I just feel like I should be out and about.

But sometimes we want to be alone, and it’s annoying.

Sometimes I want to be alone, but my extroverted self doesn’t feel like I deserve it. I enjoy the very few times I get to get some rest from my busy life and be alone peacefully, but I feel like I shouldn’t enjoy it because I’m so extroverted!

I love being an extrovert and getting my energy from hanging out with people, but sometimes I just want to rest and be alone, even if it’s against my own will. Shoutout to all my extroverted, introverted, and ambiverted friends for putting up with me!


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Caele (pronounced Kay-lee) is a senior at Boston University studying Advertising and Spanish. She loves books, film, music, photography, food, traveling, fashion, and beauty. Before COVID-19, you could usually find her on the MBTA or in a coffee shop.