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5 Halloween Movies You Forgot You Loved

It’s getting closer collegiates!  Better finish that Halloween movie bucket list while you still can!  Whether you are taking a break from studying or throwing a spooky movie night in with your gal pals, it’s hard to say that Halloween movies are ever a bad idea.  But sometimes, it can get tiring watching the same movies every year, so what about those old classics you miss and love? Here are a few ideas if you need some reminding! 

1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Who can forget good old Charlie Brown!  This quick, little Halloween classic will get you in the spirit of the season without being to spooked.  Don’t forget to munch on Lucy’s favorite, the caramel apple pop, while watching!

2. The Tower of Terror

Not only is it one of our favorite Disney rides, but it’s one of our favorite Halloween movies as well.  We just can’t resist snacking on popcorn, while trying to uncover the great mystery of the Hollywood Tower Hotel!

3. Casper Meets Wendy

Not only is Casper the friendliest ghost around, but we just cannot get over baby Hilary Duff!

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

So we still have to ask whether this is a Halloween or Christmas movie, but does anyone care?  Christmas in October!  Halloween in December!  We heart it all!

5. Mickey’s House of Villains

Admit it! You couldn’t get enough of the House of Mouse as a kid!  Now’s the perfect time of year to bring back the House of Mouse in a spooky manner.  So whip out your mouse ears and sing along to your favorite Disney villains!

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