5 Great Christmas Gifts to Give Your Besties on a Budget

Each Christmas season my friends and I partake in Secret Santa and spend $20 on each other to contribute to the holiday season. However, for many years I have struggled to come up with fun and cute ideas my friends will love and use without spending all of the cash in my wallet. I think after several years of struggling I’ve finally come down with the formula to perfect gift giving.


1. Buy anything comfortable.

This can mean anything from a cute or festive onesie to trendy fuzzy socks. No one will hate being given comfy clothes they can sleep in. Target and Old Navy are iconic for carrying both of these items.


2. Accessories.

Jewelry and scarves are an easy fall-back if you can’t find anything else for your friends. Charlotte Russe usually has 2 for $10 deals for their jewelry, and it has been a lifesaver for me for several years. Although, sometimes you don’t know if your Secret Santa would like the jewelry you choose, but that’s what's so great about getting a gift receipt at checkout.


3. Beauty supplies.

Whether your bestie is a makeup guru or a beginner looking to try some new looks, buying a care package of makeup can make for a perfect present. Include hair ties, bobby pins, nail polish, hairspray, or her favorite perfume sample. Any department store beauty company such as NYX, COVERGIRL, Pantene, or Herbal Essences give great products for a small price.


4. DIY.

Sometimes the best presents to give are the sentimental ones that capture the essence of your friendship. Photos of you and your best friend is sure to make her smile. Costco, CVS, and Walgreens are great for printing out photo albums, calendars, mugs, and blankets if you wish to give your friend a personal type of gift. Other items, like making an ornament or keychain with a group picture of all of your friends, is another great type of gift.  


5. Board Games.

It may sound cheesy, but buying a board game for you and all of your friends to play the night of your gift exchange can be a great present. Games like What Do You Meme or Speak Out will be the game you pull out for all future occasions. 


As college students, we don’t always have the funds to spend tens of dollars on our friends, although we would love to. The Christmas season is about spending time with your favorite people, so no matter if you choose some of these gifts or decide to come up with your own idea, your friend is going to love it because she loves you.


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