5 Fun Games to Play With Your Friends While Social Distancing

Practicing social distancing doesn't mean you have to socially isolate! While it can be easy to stay in your home and binge-watch TV, it is important to keep in touch with those close to you, even if it's virtually! Here are five fun games to play with friends over Zoom or FaceTime!

  1. 1. Psych

    This app is super fun to play with friends! Each player answers a fun trivia question about another player, then each player votes on their favorite answer. Points are awarded based on how many other players vote on your answer in each round. At the end of four, seven, or infinite rounds, the player with the most points wins!

  2. 2. Photo Roulette

    This app is also great to play with friends over FaceTime! Each player downloads the app and signs into a game together using a shared code. The app chooses 16 photos from your camera roll at random, and players are tasked with guessing whose photos are whose. The player who guesses the most photos correct the fastest wins!

  3. 3. Heads Up!

    Heads Up! is a classic game that can be played over Zoom or FaceTime! It involves one player placing their phone on their forehead, while the members of their team have to describe or act out a word/phrase so that the person with the phone can guess the clue. Since the person whose turn it is may be able to see the word in their own video, they can place a sticky note over their picture on the Zoom call!

  4. 4. Houseparty

    Houseparty, which has become increasingly popular these days for obvious reasons, is a fun way to connect with friends and meet new people! The app essentially allows you to video chat with your friends and their friends too! Up to eight people can join a video call at any time. The app also features a few different games that can be played virtually with friends. They have multiple different games that are similar to Pictionary, Heads Up!, and Apples to Apples. This is a versatile app for video chatting with friends!

  5. 5. Cards Against Humanity Online

    The creators of Cards Against Humanity have moved the original card game online! This adult version of Apples to Apples is great to play with friends while FaceTiming or on a Zoom call!

I hope this list encourages you to take a pause from bingeing TV and FaceTime or Zoom call with your friends and family! There are still fun ways to connect with those around you while practicing safe social distancing.

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