5 Fashion Essentials for Fall

The weather in Boston has dipped slightly below the mid-50s which makes it official: fall is here. It’s time to bring out the boots, sweater up, and rock the most adorable cold-weather hair accessories. While the season is a time for getting as cozy as humanly possible, it’s also a good opportunity to flex our fashion senses. Here’s a list of some must-have additions to your closet that will have you looking fall fresh.

  1. 1. The Basic Midi Skirt

    This year, you should definitely switch things up a bit with a midi skirt while the temperature will still allow it. A perfect piece for layering, you can wear it on warmer days with a graphic tee and a denim jacket or bundle up with a cozy oversized sweater and some cutie booties. Plus, it’s the right length to withstand even the breeziest of days. This black midi skirt from Zara is the perfect skirt for the season, sure to make for fun and flowy fall fits for days where you’re too tired of jeans.

  2. 2. The Statement Sweater

    While it’s important to have basic warm wear that will surely be used and abused until spring drags us out of the cold, you definitely need a few statement tops, sweaters to be exact. Prints, patterns, stripes, dots: all are acceptable to elevate the typical jean and knit duo. This tiger print sweater from ASOS would go perfectly with black flared jeans and casual high tops for a coffee date or a stroll through the leaf-covered streets.

  3. 3. The Dressed-Up Fleece

    The fleece trend has been on a roll for years, with uber-fuzzy jackets and sweaters appearing in almost everyone’s wardrobe. But this highly essential reversible fleece jacket from Uniqlo adds more to the cozy look that we have all come to know and love. You can wear it like a cute snow angel with the white fleece on the outside or reverse it and rock the colored lining for a collarless bomber moment. You get the best of both looks for the price of one, the choice is yours.

  4. 4. The Power Boot

    If you’ve been rocking the same boots for a few years now, this year is the time to treat yourself to a new and updated pair. Look for a boot that makes you feel confident as hell walking to class or going out. This platformed boot from Topshop is the perfect example: a manageable heel, interesting toe shape, and minimalist black to mix and match with all your autumn outfits. For more casual looks, wear a pair of statement socks to catch some eyes as you’re strutting the streets.

  5. 5. The Head Wrap

    Although we all love our favorite beanies and may even get sort of excited when thinking about wearing them, we also need a break from constant hat hair. The head wrap trend will provide new hair looks and sweet relief from suffocated locks. Braid your hair, wear it down, or have a time with a high ponytail: you’ll be working it either way. This velvet wrap from Urban Outfitters will brighten up even the most rushed of looks and outfits, and will be just as comfy as any beanie.

We hope you are as hyped as we are for cold weather wear and all the new trends to test out. Feel good and be bold this year with these seasonal suggestions.

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