5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Look

With the cold weather already heading in (especially here in Boston), our fall clothes are finally heading out of our closets and into our daily looks. For me, at least, it’s tempting to wear sweatpants and sweatshirts to class each day, which, while cute and extremely comfy, don’t have the same appeal when I’m in the mood to dress up my look a bit more. With the help of a few simple pieces, I’m able to look put-together with minimal effort (even without using makeup)! Here are a few of my favorite small things to dress up my fall look.

  1. 1. Hoop Earrings

    Hoops are my all-time favorite accessory to add on to any outfit. A pair of gold or silver hoops make ANYBODY look effortlessly classy, and different sizes of hoop earrings are great to have to switch up the look depending on the occasion. My favorite set that I own is from Target, which has affordable nickel-free earrings for any outfit or vibe.

  2. 2. Booties

    Cute ankle boots are such a fun look when paired with jeans or leggings — they’re always a way to feel professional and elegant while walking around the city. They’re super simple and easy to style (I usually go with skinny jeans and sweaters when I wear booties), and there’s always a plethora of ways to make each outfit look new. I’ve found that ASOS has a lot of cute, durable, and comfortable ankle boots that I recommend checking out.

  3. 3. Statement Earrings

    Hoops are always my typical day-to-day go-to earrings, but statement earrings can also make any outfit look instantly bomb. Having a bunch of different colors and styles on hand can be helpful to match your outfit as well! I really like the bold earrings from Free People. My favorite ones are the ones pictured above, linked here.

  4. 4. Hair Accessories

    Hair scarves, headbands, and scrunchies always spice up a look, and are great to add to your fall collection. These can work with any hairstyle, and you will be sure to get compliments. Try attempting a new hairstyle too, to get outside of your comfort zone. 

  5. 5. Jackets

    Peacoats, jean jackets, blazers, and other cute add-on jackets are a must for this fall season. They’re a trendy way to layer, stay warm, and make everything look cute. Thrift stores often have a lot of great jackets at inexpensive costs and are also really environmentally friendly. 

There are plenty more small accessories you could add on to your outfit, but those are a few staples that I’m obsessed with this season. I know it’s hard to find the motivation to dress cute while it’s cold, but hopefully this list will make it a little easier. Happy fall, ladies!

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