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5 Easy Ways to Get Into the Halloween Spirit at College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

When you’re in college, it’s easy to let holidays come quickly and fly by, especially when they happen right in the middle of the semester, around midterms (*cough* Halloween *cough*). But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating! Halloween coordinates with the beginning of fall, and when you live somewhere where the leaves change color this time of year, getting in the Halloween spirit is a must. So, here are five easy ways to get in the spooky season spirit…

Binge Halloween Movies

Watching Halloween movies is everyone’s favorite pastime of the holiday. On a chilly October night, gather some friends in your dorm and search every streaming service you have for the best Halloween movie. Or, you can procrastinate that paper you have to write by lying in bed and watching a spooky movie classic with your own company.

Plan Your Halloween Costumes with Your Friends

There’s no doubt that one of the best parts of Halloween is the costumes! When you reminisce about all your past Halloweens, you don’t remember the candy or the parties––you remember all of your costumes! So, gather your group of friends and sift through costume ideas on Pinterest.

Decorate Your Dorm

Halloween decorations are the best (or maybe a close second to Christmas decor). Pumpkins, ghosts, spider webs––there’s no way you can go wrong! Hop on over to Target and build your Halloween dorm aesthetic! Show off your spooky season spirit by decorating your dorm door so everyone on your floor knows you’re living your best Halloween life.

Eat Some Halloween Treats

Just because you’re past the acceptable age to go out trick-or-treating doesn’t mean you still can’t treat yourself to some Halloween candy! You can also find someone on campus with a kitchen and make those legendary Pillsbury place-and-bake holiday cookies!

Participate in Some Halloween Fun

Whether you’re all in for a pumpkin carving competition amongst your friends or would rather have a photoshoot at a pumpkin patch, make sure you enjoy the holiday! Gather some friends (including one who has a car) and make a trip to a haunted house. Also, find a good place to buy some caramel apples. Enjoy the season while it lasts!

There is so much Halloween has to offer, so make sure you don’t forget about it. Round up some spooky season lovers and start celebrating before October 31!

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Alexandra Kallfelz is a senior studying journalism at Boston University. Besides writing, Alexandra's passions include color guard, travel, Netflix, music, and Disney. She is a pure-blood New Englander and a dog fanatic.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.