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5 Easy Fall Outfits

Okay, let’s just admit it. Summer is the best fashion season. It’s the best weather, your skin clears, and you look your best. However, as I sit in bed wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, I realize the days of short dresses and tight tube tops are over. Just because it is freezing outside does not mean you can’t look cute. So, to help you out, here are my top 5 easy fall outfits. 


The Black Turtleneck

You know how they say every girl needs a little black dress, well the same is true for the black turtleneck. Because it is cold in Boston, throw on a black scarf, a cute beanie, and a nice warm jacket. This look is perfect because it is so simple, yet so cute. 


The Patterned Pant

I love a good patterned pant. They make the entire outfit, so basically, you’re good. It is simple to style with a belt, and I would only change two things from the photo above. For starters, I usually wear mine with white sneakers, because I love my Air Force 1’s more than anything (they are so comfortable okay!!) and I would swap the tank for a sweater (because it’s cold). Make sure the sweater matches one of the colors in your pants to complete the look. 

A Simple Blouse

So, a blouse may seem fancy for class, but dress it down with some sneakers and you’re set. The french tuck is essential here, so your blouse doesn’t eat you up. I have a red blouse from Goodwill that was $4, but the best thing I’ve ever purchased. It is so comfortable and can give you that confidence boost when you need it.

A Sweatshirt/Peacoat Combo

This seems like an unlikely combo, I know. However, it’s super cute on. I wear this outfit legit exactly how it looks in the pic and it allows you to feel comfortable, but also look put together and stay warm aka the dream.


A Plaid Skirt Moment

This seems basic and you know what, nothing wrong with being basic every once and awhile. A couple of things to change for Boston for this outfit: throw on some tights, high knee socks, and boots to keep you warm. Also, make sure to have a scarf and a warm jacket. 

Remember, even though it feels like midnight at 4 pm now, you can still dress and feel your best this season!

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