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5 Cool Girl Brands You’ll Wanna Shop This Season

When the seasons start changing, the urge to buy all new clothes becomes even stronger. However, it seems as though every retail company is selling basically the same design. If you’re looking for some unique pieces, be sure to shop these 5 brands this season.

1. Volcom

Volcom Travel Ban HoodieVolcom Cold Bans Sweater

Credit: volcom.com 

On top of being trendy and practical for colder weather, Volcom also has a sustainability mission. They strive to help the environment and have a social impact. According to Volcom’s website, they “envision a New Future where our oceans are strong, our climate is stable and society is fully engaged.”

2. Frank and Oak 

Merino Sweater in Grey Heather Bow Blouse Buckthorn Brown

Credit: frankandoak.com

Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based online company. Their crisp, minimalist style is ideal for those who favor simpler designs. According to their website, their garments are also made of sustainable fabrics and the company is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They do their part for the planet and aim to make a difference. Their slogan, ‘#MadeForGoodLiving’ shows that they are determined to not only make stylish clothes but also to make the planet a better place.

3. NastyGal

Give Me A Meow-ment Leopard Blouse

Right Back At Hem Frayed Jeans

Credit:  nastygal.com

NastyGal is definitely one of the more affordable brands on this list. They are chic, modern, and the epitome of the cool girl look. They even have frequent promotions and student discounts.

4. Anthropologie 

Sparkle Knit Turtleneck

Kaleidoscope Sweater Dress

Credit: anthropologie.com

Anthropologie was founded by Dick Hayne, who wanted to create a brand that was sophisticated but also adventurous. Anthropologie is for the women who want to stand out in the crowd and aim to have a unique style. It’s for the girls who have outgrown the street-style of Urban Outfitters but still crave a sense of adventure in their clothing. Anthropologie doesn’t only sell clothes, though. It’s a great stop for home decor, furniture, and even beauty products.

5. Aritzia 

Wilfred Free Rourke Sweater

Wilfred Peaufiner Blouse

Credit: aritzia.com 

Aritzia claims to be “an innovative design house and fashion boutique.” It certainly has an individual, ever-changing style yet still manages to be sleek, simple and of good quality. They also feature many different brands, all of which have their own unique quality. While Aritzia is a bit on the pricier side, all of their pieces can be thought of as investment pieces. Their simple style and use of high-quality material pretty much guarantee you’ll have the piece to wear for years to come.

All of these brands have their own distinct style, unlike the things you see at larger companies. Check them out to spice up your closet!


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Leanna, originally from New York City, is a student at Boston University.
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