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5 Christmas DIYs that Double as Gifts

Cookie/Hot Chocolate mixes in a jar

The easiest DIY gift! Buy some mason jars and fill them with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows! Or, with one large jar, put all kinds of cookie ingredients in layers! Tie up with a bow to finish!


Handmade Ornaments

Grab some plain glass ornaments from a craft store. You can use acrylic paint and a brush or special paint pens and decorate the ornaments however you please! Or, add sparkles and decorations to the outside. A cute and original BU ornament could make the perfect gift for your roommates!


Wine glasses/ Coffee mugs 

Similar to the ornament decorating, buy some cheap and plain wine glasses or coffee mugs (check Dollar Tree for $1 glassware!). With paint pens, sharpies or acrylic paint you can pick a theme and get designing!



For your aunts, sisters, grandmother or mom, candles make the perfect gift, but those Yankee candles can be so expensive! Buy cheap candles from somewhere like Wal-Mart or target in a scent you like, and make the container and outside unique to the receiver!


Dorm decorations

Head to the craft store and pick up some large letters, picture frames, craft paper and accessories. Get one for all of your friends in their initials! Decorate with their favorite colors and patterns. Don’t forget to make one for yourself too!  

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