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5 Childhood Shows That Made Our Whole Generation Want to be Famous

Ever wondered why almost every Gen Z  kid wants to be famous so badly? Ever wondered why our generation is full of reality shows and trashy people trying to get famous in bizarre ways? Ever wondered why everyone wants to be a famous TikToker and make money off of TikTok fame? Well, I’m here to answer all your questions. It’s because Disney and Nickelodeon have sneakily planted this idea of wanting to be famous in our minds since the beginning of childhood.

Hannah Montana

As we all know, Hannah Montana is a show about a normal teenage girl living “the best of both worlds.” In her normal life, Miley is a typical teenage girl going through the trials and tribulations of middle school and high school. In her popstar life, Miley is Hannah Montana: global superstar. It makes sense that since so many of us grew up watching this show, we’d all want to become a famous pop star like Hannah.

Big Time Rush

Again, this is a show about teenagers becoming famous and going through the typical trials of fame and Hollywood. Big Time Rush consists of four normal hockey players from Minnesota who are given the opportunity to go to LA to record a demo as a band. Obviously, it all works out and Big Time Rush becomes super famous. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I still listen to their music because they’ve got some real bops. Anyway, it’s not surprising that anyone who grows up watching this show dreams of fame.


Again, we have a famous boy band. I absolutely love the Jonas Brothers. As a New Jersey native, I feel proud to have grown up only a few towns away from them, and I have been a hardcore fan ever since Camp Rock (yet another Disney product that made us all want to be famous). Jonas is a show that centers around the Jonas Brothers, them going through high school, and moving to LA. This show only made our desires to be famous even stronger.


To me, iCarly feels like the origins of Internet fame. iCarly started the idea of a famous web show when it premiered in 2007, and as a result of the show, famous Viners and YouTubers emerged followed by Tik Tokers. Carly, Sam, and Freddie are the OG famous YouTubers, creating weekly content for their viewers to enjoy and laugh at. I would bet a lot of money that most famous early YouTubers got their inspiration from iCarly.


Victorious is literally a show about a high school that creates famous singers, artists, dancers, actors, etc. Growing up, I am positive that nearly everyone who watched this show wished they went to a fun music and art school like the one in Victorious, as compared to our boring normal school lives. Watching Tori, Cat, Jade, Andre, and Beck follow their dreams of being famous made us all want to do the same.

The list of shows goes on and on, and I could name at least a dozen more childhood TV shows/movies that made our whole generation want to become famous. These shows gave us hope that being famous was not too far out of reach, and these days, becoming famous on social media is not even unrealistic.

So, follow in Hannah Montana or Carly Shay’s footsteps, and follow your dreams!

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Hi! My name is Isabelle Durso, and I am a sophomore at Boston University studying Journalism and Film & TV at the College of Communication! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing, empowering community of young women.
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