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5 Books I’m Reading That You’ve Never Heard Of

I have a bit of a controversial habit. I’m the type of reader who picks up multiple books at a time. I used to be able to finish reading a book within 24 hours, but my attention span has severely dropped from middle school strength. I find that reading multiple books at once keeps me interested because I can grab the book I’m gravitating towards depending on my mood. This list includes five of the lesser-known books currently on my nightstand. I hope one resonates with you and reignites your love of reading!

“How To Do The Work” by Dr. Nicole LePera 

I’ve always been one for a good self-help book, so when I saw How To Do The Work’s colorful cover at Barnes & Noble, I picked it up immediately. The author, Dr. Nicole LePera, runs the popular Instagram page the.holistic.psychologist, where she teaches her 3.5 million followers “to heal and consciously create a new version of yourself.” It might sound a little contrived at first glance, but the lovely graphics and content on her account really make her thoughts resonate with me. I’m excited to continue reading How To Do The Work and learn more about myself and my wellness journey.

“Night Class: A Downtown Memoir” by Victor P. Corona

I posted this book on my Instagram story about a week ago in celebration of reading outside in the spring sunshine. I’m so happy to say I’m almost finished with this book, which details a sociology professor’s experience with NYC nightlife. Corona talks about his involvement in the club kid scene, Lady Gaga’s early career and inspirations, and Andy Warhol and The Factory. I’ve learned so much about a lifestyle I never thought I would be interested in, and I highly recommend everyone gives Night Class a chance!

“Open Book” by Jessica Simpson

If you couldn’t tell yet, non-fiction is my preferred genre. I love memoirs and essays, as well as a bit of pop culture, so Jessica Simpson’s autobiography is right up my alley. I feel like there’s this stigma that reading celebrity biographies doesn’t count as “real reading.” But in the last year, I’ve embraced reading what I genuinely love and enjoy the experience. Who cares if you’re not reading a 500-page historical tragedy? At least you’ve picked up a book, right? Okay, now that my rant is out of the way, this is your sign to read Open Book and hear Jessica’s story, in her own words.

“Fake Accounts” by Lauren Oyler

This one is for all you fiction lovers. Fake Accounts caught my eye because the premise of the book is quirky and off-beat. The main character is a young woman who discovers that her boyfriend has a hidden online identity as a popular conspiracy theorist. The book then follows the narrator on her journey to regain her own identity in reaction to this startling revelation. These themes are so applicable to our current political climate and way of life, so I’m very interested in learning how this story will unfold. 

“The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness” by Sy Montgomery

This book was showcased as a Staff Pick at Trident Booksellers on Newbury street. I’m so glad I spotted it there because I’m not certain I would have picked up a book about an octopus in any other circumstances. The Soul of an Octopus is about so much more than a study of marine life. I love how this book captures the wonders of our world and reminds us to look for beauty in every living thing.

I hope you’ve found some new books for your summer reading list. What novels will you be picking up?

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Mariel is a junior at Boston University studying Advertising and Film/TV. She loves fashion, trying new restaurants and food spots, and chatting about all things pop culture.
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