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5 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Society tells us that there is only one type of body that is beautiful. This is obviously not true. Everyone is beautiful, no matter what their body type is. While this may be true, it’s a hard thing to internalize. Many of us grew up with the media portraying beauty in a particular and artificial way. It’s hard to see yourself as beautiful when you don’t look like the photoshopped images in the media. We’re fortunate to be alive during a time when there is a growing movement towards body positivity. Social media is full of body positive influencers really exemplifying how everyone is beautiful. Below are five body positive influencers you should follow.


While I WEIGH isn’t an influencer per se, it is an amazing movement started by actress Jameela Jamil from The Good Place. The purpose of I WEIGH is to show how we should weigh ourselves, not by the number on a scale, but by our amazing qualities. Many of the posts on the I WEIGH account are of real people showing how they weigh themselves. This is an amazing account that teaches self-love. I really suggest you follow this account if you need positive and empowering messages.

Tess Holliday

In 2013, Tess Holliday started the #Effyourbeautystandards movement. Only two years later, she landed on the cover of People Magazine, becoming the first size 22 supermodel. Her Instagram is full of beautiful pictures of herself that show that plus-size people are just as beautiful and amazing as anyone. She even has her own clothing brand called MBLM. For even more inspiration and empowerment from Tess, you can also follow @effyourbeautystandards on Instagram.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Crabbe is an amazing person to follow. Her Instagram is full of positive messages on self-love and living a happy life. She is always preaching to love yourself regardless of rolls, cellulite, or stretch marks. Her profile contains not only beautiful pictures of herself but also colorful images about accepting yourself.

Nabela Noor

Noor is an amazing fashion and makeup influencer. Her page is full of beautiful makeup and fashion looks. Noor is all about challenging what society says people can and can’t wear. She truly exhibits how plus-size people can wear whatever they want and still look stunning. As a brown woman, she not only preaches accepting your body but also your culture. She often speaks about how she was bullied for her homemade school lunches or the sarees she would wear. She preaches full acceptance.

Troy Solomon

When talking about body positivity, it’s important to talk about body positivity for everyone, which includes men. Troy Solomon is an amazing influencer that challenges so many societal standards. He shows how men can be plus-size and beautiful. Also, he represents how men can wear whatever they want, and also rock makeup.

It’s time to redefine what beauty is. We need to include everyone with every body type, skin tone, disability, gender, style, etc. The first step is to have influencers, like those mentioned in this article, that break all the beauty standards. Having role models like these influencers just exemplify the message of self-love and acceptance. Remember, you are beautiful, no matter what!


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MyChalia is a freshman majoring in English Education in the Wheelock College of Education and Human Development at Boston University. She has a passion for education and social justice, as well as creating a loving and accepting community for all regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, etc. MyChalia also has a passion for reading and creative writing. She can be found lost in the isles of a Barnes n' Noble or chilling in a random Boston cafe drinking iced coffee.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.