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The 5 Best Nail Polish Colors to Head into Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I don’t know about you, but my nails at the end of February are absolutely atrocious, which is fine because they’re hidden in my pockets trying to escape the cold. However, with spring break approaching right around the corner, it’s time to trade out that harsh, chipped black nail polish for a color more appropriate for the sunny weather. Here are 5 of my go-to nail colors this spring season!


1. Geranium by Essie

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This gorgeous red-orange burst of color will liven up any cold hands. It’s not too red, not too orange: perfect for making a statement!


2. Bikini so Teeny by Essie

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Welcome to my personal favorite nail polish color! I’ve put this on my fingers and toes, and I’d put it on my face if I could. It’s the perfect vacation color, and it’s sparkly without being too obnoxious.


3. Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San by OPI


This color comes from OPI’s Tokyo collection, which is extra-awesome if you’re traveling a distance for spring break! It’s a cool, different color, without being too typically-teal.


4. Machu Peach-u by OPI

For the people that aren’t really in the mood for a bright color, Machu Peach-u is a simple, subtle pink that will still make a statement without being too in your face. It’s appropriately named from OPI’s Peru collection, making it just that much more exotic.


5. Amazing Grace by Deborah Lippmann


I feel like I can’t name vacation nail colors without including a pearly white. Deborah Lippmann is an amazing brand with great color pigmentation, and this white will blind people up and down any beach, sidewalk, or mountain.


While having freshly-painted nails is always a bonus, make sure you’re not using harsh chemicals that will ruin your fingers. And, finally, don’t forget to moisturize those hands! That winter chill can take its toll on your skin, so make sure you’re constantly hydrating your grips.


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Sophie is a freshman from Chicago—the city, NOT the suburbs—majoring in Public Relations at Boston University. She'll probably make you feel like you're the world's greatest comedian because she tends to laugh at anything anyone says. When she's not writing for HC, you can find her at SoulCycle, watching The Bachelor, or eating chocolate chip cookies.
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