5 Apps Every Instagrammer Needs

As you may or may not know, I run the HCBU ‘gram and am an avid user of the app on my personal account. Over the years I’ve accumulated various apps that I use to edit, to craft story templates, and to match with my feed. I’ve decided to craft a list of my all-time favorite Instagram-related apps and share my secrets on how I use them. Check out my top five below!

1. KiraKira +

You may have seen celebrities using this app to show off their shiny dresses or jewelry in video format. The app lets you choose from various filters and levels of shine. This is seriously the perfect app for adding some glimmer to your Instagram stories or showing off your bling.


VSCO is my saving grace. While it is also another social media platform used for sharing photos, I mostly use it for editing photos and cultivating my pink feed. The best way to describe VSCO is like a more risque Instagram or the Tumblr of the photo world. You can like and repost photos from your friend’s collections and make your own feed of shared or original photos. It also allows you to create a grid layout and plan ahead which is honestly what I live for. The best part it gives me a place to post not-so-worthy Instagram pictures on a different platform.

3. Unfold

Unfold is THE Instagram story app. It’s very minimalist and simple to use which is what I aim for. It lets you choose from a variety of templates based on how many pictures you want to include and you can add text captions as well.

4. Preview

Ok so spoiler, Preview is what I use for the HCBU Instagram. Like VSCO, it lets me layout images in a grid format and edit the images. However, Preview also lets me post at set times, move images around once their in the grid, and also include thought out captions. Literally the best app for having a position like running the HCBU account!

5. Hype Type

Hype Type is actually an app I just discovered. It is another great Instagram story template and lets you create your own typed out gifs to include! This is great for having animated captions on your stories that are different from the same old ones you get from giphy.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration on how to step up your Instagram game and some useful tips on how to make your posts and stories like the HCBU ones! Also, shameless plug, feel free to follow me on Instagram, @natateaaa!


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