4 Ways to Make Sure Your College Choice is Right For You

Choosing a college is probably one of the biggest decisions a student faces. One decision has the potential to greatly impact the course of your life, so feeling stressed about it is completely normal. Now, it has become even more difficult, with college tours being canceled due to COVID-19. Despite this, there are many ways to decide which college is right for you without visiting the campus! I’ve identified four key factors in ensuring you pick the school that is the best fit.

  1. 1. Know Their Academic Strengths

    Most students have a general idea of what their major will be when applying to colleges. Though this may change over your time there, it’s important to make sure that the college you choose to attend prioritizes and supports your field of choice.

    While one college may be an exemplary liberal arts school, they may not have the best programs for a more technically-driven field. Do your research on the money and resources they allocate to certain fields,  and make sure it aligns with your major.

  2. 2. Speak With Current Students

    I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before, but I would strongly recommend reaching out to members of your potential college’s student body. With today’s platforms, you can easily do so through school Facebook pages or college discussion boards.

    Since these people aren’t tour guides or college spokespeople, they’ll be more likely to give you an honest opinion on the school. Make sure you confer with multiple sources, as all students have different experiences.

  3. 3. Scout Out The Extracurriculars

    While a school’s academics should be the main reason you attend, it’s important to make sure they also have clubs or other student groups that you’re interested in. These extracurriculars will likely be a large factor in meeting new people and finding a reprieve from studying, so you want to be sure your college offers some you’re interested in exploring. Of course, there’s always the opportunity to create a new club for yourself, but knowing what the college currently has available is always useful.

  4. 4. Analyze the Alumni

    While the alumni of a certain school certainly doesn’t predict your own personal success, I would recommend checking out the more recent graduates of the college you’re interested in, and seeing what they’re up to.

    If you’re interested in attending grad school, find out the acceptance rate for graduates of your prospective college. If you want to pursue theatre, look at what alumni currently have a career in performing. This can help give you an idea of what work your college or degree program will prepare you for.

Choosing a college is certainly a big decision, but know that there is often no right or wrong choice. In the end, it’s really about what school is right for you. As long as you’re honest with yourself about what you’re looking for, you’ll make the right decision!


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