4 Reasons to Travel with Your Best Friends  

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to travel with my best friends countless times, whether it’s been by car or by plane, across state lines, or even out of the country.  Even now, I’m typing these words from a Peter Pan bus, sitting next to my roommate on our way back from a weekend trip out of the city.  There’s a lot to be said about adventures with your friends, and I think some of the best memories come from traveling the world, the country, or even your own state with your squad by your side.  Of all the reasons to hit the road with your besties, here are a few to get you and your friends packing for your next trip:


1. Planes, trains, and buses are more fun with a friend.   

There’s no question that traveling can be stressful, especially when it involves airport security, finding the right bus or train to board, or any form of public transportation.  So even if your six o’clock flight is delayed until midnight (true story), at least you’ve got your friends to make waiting in an airport terminal a little more bearable.     


2. You can make memories that last.  


Even though my high school friends and I are at different colleges now, whenever we get together, we always talk about the memories we have from our trip to Disney senior year.  Not only did we get to go to a theme park literally known as “the happiest place on Earth,” but we got to jump in the pool at night, ride roller coasters, and see fireworks over the castle -- memories we never would have made otherwise!  


3. Sometimes just getting to where you’re going can be the best part.  

Every road trip, whether it’s one or ten hours, is more fun with two essentials: good music and good friends.  Even though the destination is supposed to be the best part, sometimes the ride there is where the real memories are made.  There’s something about driving on the highway, singing along to the music, and being surrounded by friends that makes you feel like you’re in the opening credits of a movie.  It just feels like adventure is out there, and you have the right people with you to explore.   


4.  Traveling together brings you closer.  

After traveling to Europe with three of my best friends the summer after my junior year, we became closer than ever.  There’s just something about being in a new place, surrounded by incredible sights, and exploring a different culture that makes a bond between friends that much stronger.  Even if you’re not traveling internationally, just the experience of taking a trip with your besties can bring you closer.  


So whether you’re taking a road trip to the beach, or hopping on a plane to a foreign country, having your best friends by your side guarantees incredible memories and stories to bring home!