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4 Of My Favorite BU Hub Courses

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

The BU Hub can feel like a burden no matter what year or what major you are. Whether you’re entering your senior year or freshman year, Hub requirements are always looming. Lucky for you, I’ve composed a small list of my favorite classes I’ve taken at BU that are not major-specific and fulfill some BU Hubs that are hard to find!

CAS LS311: Spanish Through Performance: The Theater of Everyday Life

This class fulfills three Hub units: Oral and/or Signed Communication, Global Citizenship and Intercultural Literacy, and Creativity/Innovation. It’s also worth noting that LS212 or equivalent is a prerequisite for this class. 

I am currently taking this class with Professor Carmen Torre Pérez. It’s split into two units: Dramatic Performance — in which the class watches a Latin American theater production, music performances, and reads plays focusing on Reggaeton and poetry — and Performance Art, which highlights feminist graffiti and musical social justice initiatives. 

Students are also creatively challenged to write poems, monologues, screenplays, and more all in Spanish, of course! There are no exams as all grades are assignment-based, and there are no lessons on grammar or vocabulary as all classes are spent discussing different forms of art, their meanings, and their impacts. 

I love this class because it forces me to apply my language skills verbally and creatively in an unstructured manner. It has also given me a deeper understanding of meaningful art forms in Latin American culture!

CAS WS101: Gender and Sexuality I: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

This class fulfills three Hub units: Philosophical Inquiry and Life’s Meanings, Scientific Inquiry I, and Critical Thinking.

I took this class with four professors — Mackenzie Coker, Sean Desilets, Shannon Peters, and Kimberly Rhoten — all of whom specialized in different disciplines. This made the course a multifaceted, interdisciplinary introduction to both contemporary and historical societal perceptions of gender and sexuality. 

This class revolutionized the way I read medical studies as it delved into the biases that influence medical terminology used for men versus women. The class also explored how biological studies themselves can perpetuate sexist stereotypes and deliver skewed results due to gender-based assumptions throughout the research/experimental process.

I enjoyed that the class incorporated comic books that highlighted the need for intersectional feminism in both maternal healthcare and political institutions. It also focused on decolonizing societal norms of sex and gender through an indigenous lens. Lastly, the class covered the evolution of scientific definitions of LGBTQIA+ identities and so much more! 

Because this class teaches many crucial lessons, I think it is essential for everyone to take it regardless of Hub units.

QST SI250: Ideas To Impact

This class fulfills three Hub units: Social Inquiry I, The Individual in Community, and Creativity/Innovation.

I am currently taking this class with Professor Patrick Abouchalache. He’s extremely energetic during class discussions and passionate about students actively engaging with class content. The class is mainly discussion-based with two group projects: one challenging students to design a solution for a problem BU students face, and the final project tasking students with performing field research on a chosen demographic as well as pitching a solution to a problem they face. 

I enjoy this class because it has forced me to develop skills I wouldn’t have in other classes, such as field researching, pitching, and brainstorming!

SHA HF100: Introduction to Hospitality

This class fulfills three Hub units: Historical Consciousness, Digital/Multimedia Expression, and Teamwork/Collaboration. 

I took this class with Professor Eleni Granas and found that it’s great for underclassmen who are looking to explore Boston and make friends along the way. This class requires students to go on a group scavenger hunt throughout the city, exploring revered hotels and restaurants you wouldn’t otherwise go to. It teaches about various hospitality industries, such as fine dining, fast food, event planning, and both local and international hotels. 

We also got to listen to fascinating guest speakers who started their very own restaurant chains and franchises. This class is only open to first-years and second-years, so if you fit into that category, I highly recommend it!

Lastly, I would highly recommend using BU Student Link’s “Degree Advice” tool for mapping out all of your leftover graduation requirements. BU Reddit is also great for insight into other classes you’re thinking of taking! 

Happy fall registration!

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Sania Sadarangani is a writer and editor in the Her Campus Boston University chapter. Some of her writing focuses include uplifting the endeavors of women in male-dominated fields, cultivating healthy self-care habits, and preparing college women for managing post-grad finances. Outside of Her Campus, Sania is pursuing an Economics major and an Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor. One of her most rewarding professional experiences was working as a Credit Intern in the US CFO Department of LG Electronics North America. Beyond her passion for journalism, Sania’s career interests include financial risk analytics and antitrust litigation. Outside of academics, Sania is an active member and mentor for the BU Undergraduate Women in Economics club, and loves all conversations social psychology-related, the show New Girl, and long walks.