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4 Must-Have Goals for Winter Break

Going home for a month after being on your own for the past few months may be difficult. Even if this is your last year of college and you’ve had this experience before, you may find yourself feeling stuck at home. The following tips will help you get back into doing things you love, or help you find something you’ve never tried before. You can do these when you may have nothing else to do, or simply want to try something you couldn’t normally do at school. 

1. Read books for fun

During the school year, it is so easy to brush off reading for pleasure, as there is so much required reading to do. Winter break is the month to get back, or just start, your free reading. Reading a book of your choice is a great activity to boost your overall happiness as it benefits your brain! 

2. Be healthier

Now that you are home, you have more of a chance to make better food choices. These simple decisions can become more permanent when you’re back at school. Exercising more and eating more fruits and vegetables are ways to do so. The amount of free time you’ll have over break will create room for you to explore new ways of living. 

3. Find a short term job

Some employers look to hire people for seasonal jobs around this time of year. If you are interested in making some money over the holiday season, now is the time to reach out in your community. You’ll then have some money to spend once you’re back at school. 

4. DIY

As mentioned before, you have so much more free time over winter break. If you’ve been left home alone for an afternoon and are in a crafty mood, think about taking on a DIY. If you’re looking for some new wall decor for your dorm room, now is the time to pull out those old magazines and be creative!


Gabrielle Oates is a sophomore at Boston University. Originally from Los Angeles, she enjoys traveling and hopes to journey around the globe and expand her world view.
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