4 Highlights From This Fall Semester in Boston

Although this semester was definitely unconventional, there were actually a lot of fun moments to look back on. Being in a city made it easy to explore outside and have fun with friends in a safe and socially distanced way. Here are some of my favorite moments from this semester in Boston.

  1. 1. The day Joe Biden won the election!

    Person holding Biden 2020 flag

    This was definitely a day to remember. I remember waking up at 11 a.m. (late, I know), and scrolling through Instagram to see celebratory posts and videos of the news that Biden won. I immediately jumped out of bed and called my mom to give her the great news (to which she cried tears of joy). I spent the rest of the day walking around the Boston Common with my friend to see the celebrations and parades that were taking place. People were dancing, jumping on light posts, and popping champagne to toast to the new president. Watching Biden’s victory speech with a glass of prosecco with my roommate was the perfect way to end the day.

  2. 2. A trip to Salem, MA.

    red haired witch saying I'll put a spell on you

    Salem is my absolute favorite place outside of Boston, and I went there for two days this semester to really get the full spooky experience. I was there for my birthday in early October, and I had the best time just walking down the main street, taking pictures with people dressed up in scary costumes, strolling around to see the historic homes, and finding filming locations from Hocus Pocus. I am definitely a spooky season kind of person, so my trip to Salem was definitely one of my favorite memories from this semester.

  3. 3. Diving deep into the side streets of Boston

    brown and white concrete building during daytime

    I explored Boston this semester way more than I ever have before. With all of the newfound time on my hands, I was able to walk around Boston with friends every weekend, exploring a new part of the city each week. I went down to the North End, the Seaport, Beacon Hill, Harvard Square, the Financial District, and more. I’ve also never tried as much delicious food as I did this semester (the chocolate at DeLuca’s is to die for). I plan on doing a lot more exploring next semester because I’m not even close to seeing all of Boston yet.

  4. 4. Taking some Zipcar trips! 

    two women sitting on a car

    I absolutely love Zipcar. I went to so many new places this semester since I had the opportunity to drive there, and I am so happy that I did. With Zipcar, I went apple picking at Honey Pot Hill, I went to a haunted house, and I went hiking at a nearby reservation. This is not an ad for Zipcar (unfortunately), but if you want to check it out, click here. Just be careful driving in Boston, though, because it is absolutely terrifying.

Although the pandemic persists and we must all remember to continue social distancing and wearing masks, this semester actually turned out to be a great one. Fingers crossed that spring semester will be just as amazing!

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