4 Bronzers That Actually Work for Dark-Skinned Girls

If you’re darker than a paper bag, finding a good bronzer can be a challenge. Bronzer, which is different from contour, is meant to warm up the face for a sun-kissed glow and bring back dimension after a full face of make-up. What most people don’t realize is that dark skin girls have the ability to tan and bronze too! That’s why it’s important for brands to have multiple shades of bronzer options available for all men and women to use them. Here are some brands that make bronzers that everyone can use!

  1. 1. Fenty Beauty: Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer

    While this line doesn’t go as deep as I like, there are two shades suitable for dark-skinned girls. Coco Naughty is described as a “deep shade with neutral undertones” and Mocha Miami is described as a “very deep shade with warm red undertones.” The formula isn’t sheer but rather buildable. For reference, I wear the Fenty Beauty matte foundation in the shade #420 and I would probably go with Mocha Miami if you’re darker than me, and Coco Naughty if you’re a bit lighter. However, Fenty Beauty can be pricey at $30 a pop!

  2. 2. Lip Bar: Fresh Glow

    Lip Bar is another black-owned beauty brand that is best known for its liquid lipsticks, but they also make bronzers! The Fresh Glow bronzers are compact duos of a luminous bronzer and blush that come in five shades of bronzer and blush. This line runs pretty deep with girls of color kept in mind, so pick up one for yourself for $20!

  3. 3. LA Girl: Pro Contour Powder

    This a great affordable drugstore option that you can’t go wrong with. At only $4.95, this powder duo comes with a highlighting matte shade and a matte contour shade that you could use as bronzer too. With eight options for each skin tone, this product is a winner in my book.

  4. 4. Prime Beauty: Brownzers

    Prime Beauty is a brand specifically designed for women of color. While there are only three shades available in this bronzer, the shades work for any light, medium or dark-skinned brown girl! They are mid-ranged at $21, but a great way to support black-owned beauty brands!

While these are all great products, mostly owned by women of color, there is still more work needed to be done by all cosmetic brands to include black and brown girls in their shade range. We need to be included and thought of in all lines of products, not just foundation.

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