4 Best Dunkin Drinks for Starbucks Lovers

After coming to Boston for college, I was quickly introduced to the coffee chain that is a basis for New England culture: Dunkin Donuts. I’ve always been more of a Starbucks person myself, but I will say there is something about Dunkin on the East Coast that just isn’t the same anywhere else. These four drinks from Dunkin, though not completely Starbucks quality, will surely satisfy your caffeine craving!

  1. 1. Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam

    Coffee next to planner

    This drink is a pretty close equivalent to Starbucks’ sweet cream cold brew, though Starbucks’ version has a stronger cold brew flavor, at least in my opinion. However, the Dunkin version is a pretty good alternative, and you can customize it with whatever flavors you prefer!

  2. 2. Oat Milk Iced Latte

    Coconuts and Coconut with sugar

    Oat milk has been the new trend lately, and Dunkin has definitely made a good move introducing it in their drinks. The oat milk gives the drink a really rich flavor, and I would honestly choose this over a Starbucks iced coffee!

  3. 3. Hot Americano

    Latte in mug

    If you’re an espresso lover, I would definitely give Dunkin americanos a try. A hot americano on a cold New England day is the perfect combo, and Dunkin is pretty consistent with their espresso quality. Add any type of dairy or flavoring, and you’ve got a cafe americano comparable to Starbucks.

  4. 4. Caramel Craze Latte

    This is for all of the caramel frappuccino and caramel macchiato lovers out there. I know Starbucks is hard to beat with those classics, but the caramel craze latte from Dunkin is a pretty good substitute. It’s got a good caramel flavor yet doesn’t overpower the coffee. Overall, I’d say it’s a good dupe.

I know it’s hard for Starbucks loyalists to branch out, and if Starbucks is perfect for you, that’s okay! But, if you’re trying to experiment or try a cheaper coffee option, these four drinks from Dunkin will hopefully bridge the gap!

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