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30 Iconic Vines That Will Change Your Life

Vine compilations have been circulating like crazy recently due to the conversation surrounding Vine 2, but also due to the fact that we didn’t fully appreciate Vine while we still had it. I’ve compiled a plethora of some of my favorite vines (I originally had 60 but I cut it down to 30). When I’m sad, I turn to these vines. When I’m in need of a laugh, I turn to these vines. When I’m bored, I turn to these vines. Needless to say, Vine has helped me through so much in my life I thought it would only be fair to share some of the wealth. I included hyperlinks in lieu of gifs for all of these for your viewing pleasure so please enjoy. 

1. Anything for you Beyonce.

This iconic vine is punny and references the Queen herself. What’s not to love?

2. Oovoo Javer.

A classic. This vine is referenced every time I take an Uber. Guaranteed to make you chuckle. Especially when you realize the kid is being serious.

3. Kermit “Shawty I Don’t Mind“. 

Kermit the Frog ft. Usher. An unexpected duo but a legendary one nonetheless.

4. “Chip” Reader.

Relatable, honestly. I wish chips were a form of currency IRL.

5. Babbages.

I don’t know why but I will laugh at this vine for hours after I’ve watched it. I can’t ever say “bad bitches” without thinking of “babbages”.

6. Chris Pine.

Punny, witty, clever—this vine has it all. Also, Chris Pine is great, too. 10/10 will play during Christmas next year. Highly recommend putting a picture of him in your tree to spice up the ornaments. 

7. Can I get a waffle?

“Can I PLEASE get a waffle?” When I was waiting in line to make a waffle the other day, I heard a girl reference this vine and then I referenced it as well. Vine culture is spreading.

8. A child.

I don’t know the context of this vine since it was taken out of a show but it still gets me every time. The look on the guy’s face as he stares into the camera also adds a humorous effect that I can’t quite explain but it’s quality content.

9. I can’t believe you’ve done this.

The politeness, it kills me. I love good, dry British humor. Absolutely iconic. 

10. I shaved my eyebrows.

I cut my hair by myself last summer and I really related to this kid. I don’t know why I did it, I just did.

11. It’s Wednesday, my dudes!

This vine is so weird and abstract that somehow it’s funny. That’s all I can really say about it.

12. Rat in Walmart

Every time I see something gross I go “Hzzzzuhhhh” because of this vine. 

13. You’re not my dad!

If you can’t quote this vine, we shouldn’t be friends. Also, this little boy’s savagery is on another level which I think we can all appreciate.

14. Are they helium balloons?

To this day I don’t know how they filmed this vine. Did they have access to CGI? Did the car actually float? I really don’t know.

15. Are you Kylie Jenner?

This is a classic and the fact that Kylie herself remade it makes it even better.

16. Ralph, did you eat my tater tots?

Hungry but polite doggo. At least he returned the tots?

17. Hurricane Katrina? More like hurricane Tortilla!

I want to befriend this kid. He’s going places with jokes like that.

18. So I was sitting there, barbecue sauce…

I believe this is a quote from Orange Is The New Black and out of context, it’s so much funnier.

19. Good Evening.

If this isn’t Mr. Moseby, honestly I don’t know what to believe anymore.

20. Welcome to Chili’s.

Sometimes I just repeat this vine out loud and I couldn’t tell you why. It’s one of the greats.

21. Nikki Minjaj.

Let’s go to the beach beach…this man is hilarious.

22. I’m Jared, I’m 19.

…and I never f*cking learned how to read. Imagine that.

23. Why is this dude so good at bowling?

An underrated vine that deserved more hype in my opinion.

24. Shut the f*ck up Kyle.

Nick Colletti is a comedic genius and I really just want more vines from him. And to be his friend. 

25. I can do it by myself.

Everyone’s been in a situation before where you don’t want to take advice because you have your own way of doing things. This vine is the best representation of that.

26. Tyler the Creator and Nickelback

Another unlikely duo that somehow works perfectly together?

27. So you just gonna bring a birthday gift to my birthday party?

Tyler the Creator, more comedic gold. This whole sketch is funny and you should definitely watch it all the way through.

28. X-Files theme song.

All of the vines with the X-Files theme song are hilarious but this one in particular really gets to me.

30. I love you, b*tch.

When did love die? Where did romance go? I don’t know but this man is here to bring it back.

I hope these vines brightened up your day a little bit. We can only hope that Vine 2 won’t be as bad as everyone thinks it’s going to be but who knows. For now, keep watching Vine compilations on YouTube. One thing I really want to try with friends is to recreate some of these iconic vines because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Check out these vine compilations on YouTube. They are where I found most of these vines from and they deserve all the credit because they’re hilarious!


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Lucy is a junior studying Psychology at Boston University. She lives in San Diego but prefers Boston. She has one cat but she would really like a large dog. You can find her lounging on the Esplanade, binge-watching Netflix in her room, or hanging out with friends on the BU beach. 
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