3 Reasons Why Grey’s Anatomy Should End

Okay, I’ve been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy for years and I’ll probably continue watching it until Shonda Rhimes decides to end it, but I just can’t wait for it to be over. I love Grey’s as much as the next person, but here me out here: it has just been going on for too long. Most of the original cast is gone, there’s too much happening, and it’s just dragging on.

Seriously, 14 seasons are enough.


1. Most of the Original Cast Is Long Gone

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Either they left the show completely or Shonda Rhimes just killed them off. I could live without some of the characters but seriously, Christina and Derek? This is just unfair. The show just isn’t the same anymore without them. It seems as if at least one characters is leaving every season. Izzie, Sloan, Lexie, George, Christina, Derek, Stephanie, Callie, I mean come on, who’s next? Possibly Amelia. I mean, Shonda Rhimes had the nerve to give her a brain tumor, as if she hasn’t been through enough. But seriously, fans have been through enough emotional trauma, do we really need more?



2. There’s Just Too Much Going On

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Sure, everything is relevant to the storyline but it’s sometimes just hard to keep up with. Amelia/Owen, April/Jackson, and Jo/Alex been having relationship problems for so long that it’s sometimes hard to remember what they’re even fighting about. Bailey and Webber have been having hospital arguments that are just irrelevant now. And as if there wasn’t enough going on, Owen’s sister comes back from the dead and causes an annoying love triangle with Meredith and Nathan. And seriously, why did Shonda Rhimes feel compelled to give Amelia a brain tumor???



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I feel as if all of the stuff going on is just Shonda Rhimes trying to make this show go on even longer. Most of it is just exhausting/emotionally draining to watch and it’s essentially just dragging on. It was nice to have a season after Derek’s death to emphasize how the show wasn’t just about him and that life goes on, but we already got more than enough after that. Meredith and everyone else have moved on, all the fans really need at this point is closure.


Grey’s Anatomy has been around for 12 years and even though we all love it, all good things must come to an end. Until then, keep on watching every Thursday because avoiding spoilers is too hard.