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22 Songs That Prove Girl Power Is the Most Powerful Force on Earth

Nothing livens up a dance floor more than girl power! These 22 songs prove that point by celebrating women and what women can accomplish when we are empowered. The songs range in genre but they all send the message of hope and strength. While most of these songs are recent, there are some throwbacks that demonstrate women have never stopped smashing the patriarchy (nor ever will) with their vocal cords! 



1. God Is a Woman – Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande celebrates female sexuality while also proving that yes, in fact, God is a woman because women are powerful creatures and so obviously God would have to be a woman. 


2. True Friend – Hannah Montana.

Back in the 00s, Hannah Montana showed us what female empowerment truly was: lifting each other up. That is what a true friend does. And let’s be real, this is still a true bop. 


3. Woman – Kesha.

This is the song that you play when you are driving around with your best friends and all the windows are down, and you just wanna scream. You sing the lyrics as loudly as possible and by the time the song ends, you are ready to blow the whole patriarchy down to the ground. 


4. The Future Is Female – Madame Gandhi.

Every lyric of this song is powerful because they expose the stereotypes and the restrictions placed on women while also encouraging women to use their collective voice and power to make sure the future truly is female. It encourages us women to break down those stereotypes and restrictions and show the boys who the real boss is.


5. The Champion – Carrie Underwood.

This song is a mix of genres as it has Carrie Underwood’s pop-country vibe while also featuring Ludacris. It will make you feel ready to take on anything and always come out as the champion


6. She’s So Gone – Naomi Scott.

This song is featured in the underrated Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth. Naomi Scott sings about a girl who is tired of trying to fit into everyone’s idea of who she is and who she should be, so she breaks free and becomes the person who she wants to be. 


7. Fight Like a Girl – Kalie Shorr.

Usually when someone says “you fight like a girl,” it is supposed to be an insult. But this song shows the strength of girls and what it truly means to fight like one.  


8. Take a Hint – Victoria Justice and Liz Gillies.

If this song does not get you up on your feet, I do not know what will. Performed in Victorious, this song is about what to do with a man who cannot take a hint: perform an amazing song that also embarrasses the man and shows him who is boss. 


9. Queens Don’t – RaeLynn.

This country jam is all about ‘empowered women empower women,’ and that not all queens were born in castles but we all have a crown. 


10. Superwoman – Alicia Keys.

Every woman is a Superwoman and Alicia Keys shows us why with her lyrics, music video, and her voice. 


11. A Scary Time (for Boys) – Lynzy Lab.

After President Trump said that it was a “scary time for boys and men,” Lynzy Lab posted her original song on Twitter. This song, that subsequently went viral, illustrates what women have to go through on a daily basis just because they are female. 


12. Here Comes the Change – Kesha.

Featured in the movie On the Basis of Sex, Kesha champions equal rights and sings about her hope for a better world. 


13. Female – Keith Urban.

Even though this song is by a male, I believe it should still be included because it does exemplify girl power. Yes, the voice is male but the power that he is singing about is very much female. 


14. I Believe You – FLETCHER.

This is the anthem to the #MeToo Movement, as it discusses what so many people do not want to talk about yet experience all the same. FLETCHER gives a voice to every sexual assault survivor while also reassuring them that they are heard.  


15. I’ll Fight – Jennifer Hudson.

I’ll Fight is featured in the movie RBG and shows the strength of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and every other feminist that is paving the way for change. 


16. Girl in a Country Song – Maddie and Tae.

Most girls in country songs are in short-shorts or swimsuits but this song fights back against that sexist trope. The music video is also excellent, as it uses humor to reverse the gender roles and shows that nobody should be used as merely a prop. 


17. Confident – Demi Lovato.

While men are respected for their “leadership skills,” women are called “bossy” or “domineering.” Demi Lovato shows us that a woman is not “bossy,” and rather that she is just the boss. Not only do you feel more confident while listening to this song, but you also realize that it is okay to feel that way all the time. 


18. Quiet – MILCK.

This song went viral after MILCK performed this song (along with twenty-six other singers) at the 2017 Women’s March. Quiet is for anyone who is struggling with something, whether it be sexual assault, eating disorders, domestic violence, etc., and cannot keep quiet any longer. 


19. Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain.

With this song, Shania Twain liberated women from being proper or “lady-like.” No more “boys will be boys” and girls will sit at home and clean. Women can finally have fun!


20. Who Says – Selena Gomez.

This throwback teaches girls (and boys) that they do not have to try and fit someone else’s definition of enough. 


21. Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts.

If you want to blast music and headbang really hard, this is the track for that! This song came out in 1981 and yet it still is necessary today for any woman who does not care about how she is “supposed” to act. 


22. Flawless – Beyoncé.

Can you even bring up girl power without mentioning Beyoncé? This song also features two feminist icons (obviously Beyonce but also Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) so it is bound to be brilliant. This anthem showcases women’s power, beauty, talent, flawlessness, etc. 


Hopefully, these songs are either already in your playlist or you just added them so that you can have a dose of girl power whenever needed. 

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Also, this list is no way exhaustive because FORTUNATELY there are hundreds of feminist artists and songs that celebrate women. And there is hopefully plenty more to come! 


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Peyton is a sophomore at Boston University majoring in journalism in the College of Communication and minoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality. Besides writing for Her Campus, Peyton also writes for the Daily Free Press and is a member of Students for Reproductive Freedom. In her free time, she tries to find the best places for dessert in Boston and reads along with Emma Watson's book club "Our Shared Shelf."
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