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22 Signs You’re a BU Student

At Boston University, you’ll find a very diverse student population, but where you’ll find diversity, you’ll find several unifying factors that knit us Terriers together. Ladies and gents, take a look at our countdown of the top 22 things only BU students will understand.

22. You rely heavily on abbreviations: TITS, T’s, GSU, SMG, COM, CAS, and the list goes on.

21. You attend Boston’s professional sports games more than you attend BU’s, and on the off chance that you do go to a Terrier sporting event, it’s almost always the BU vs. BC men’s hockey game.

20. Going off #21, your life motto is and always will be “BC sucks.”

19. You party at bars and clubs more frequently than you do at the fraternity houses.

18. Two words: grade deflation. You rejoice at the thought of receiving a cumulative GPA over 3.0.

17. Your giant North Face parka and Bean Boots are your go-to winter accessories.

16. You have reckless disregard for any type of walking signal when it comes to crossing the street.

15.  You know better than to keep your car here. Public transportation is always the move.

14. On the off chance that you do have a car here, parking it for the semester costs more than the car itself.

13. You’re either Jewish, know somebody who’s Jewish, or have studied Judaism.

12. You’ve taken a taxi and/or Uber from west campus to east campus and vise versa.

11. You brag more about BU’s employment ratings than its sports ratings.

10. You utterly just don’t care about football.

9. The GSU will forever be the spot for lunch. If you’re a girl, there’s a 99% chance you’ll get either Charles River Bread Co. or Loose Leafs.

8. Between the hours of 12 and 2 AM, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll stop by T. Anthony’s. There’s also a pretty good chance that, at any given time, you’ll know at least five people there.

7. You know the T map like the back of your hand.

6. You wouldn’t dare think about dressing in sweats to class. Or Uggs, for that matter.

5. You know every liquor store in the city that accepts fake IDs.

4. When the temperature hits 60 degrees, you instantaneously break out the shorts and t-shirts.

3. A tuition raise isn’t a surprise, it’s an expectation.

2. You look out the window of your dorm room and you can see the entire city of Boston.

1.  You’re at home on break and all you can talk about is how excited you are to come back.


If you can relate to several (or all) of these things, congratulations, you’re a BU student who’s definitely doing it right.

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