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The 15 Stages of Being Sick in College

We all get sick at college. It’s inevitable! The severity of how sick we get varies, but we all undeniably experience some of these stages at one point or another.

1. You experience that first sneeze that foreshadows your future.

2. Suddenly your head is pounding and you don’t know if you’ll make it through your class.

3. And there goes your ability to breathe peacefully.

4. The denial becomes so real. There’s no way you’re actually sick.

5. It’s finally time to face the fact that you are, indeed, ill.

6. Missing out on weekend fun because you physically can’t move.

7. Lying in bed unsure if you’re dying or just really, really tired.

8. And suddenly all you want is some TLC from your mom. Nobody compares!

9. Dining hall soup becomes your main source of food.

10. And all you can seem to do is sleep.

11. Aside from watching Netflix. But what else can you do when you’re confined to your bed?

12. You start to feel a little bit better, and can see the light at the end of the sickness tunnel.

13. You finally are feeling well enough to get out of bed.

14. You are feeling your best once again. Take that, sickness!

15. And you’re so proud of yourself for making it through those tough times all on your own.

Getting sick is unavoidable. But remember what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Stay healthy!

Taleen is a freshman in the Boston University College of Communication, pursuing a degree in journalism. She aspires to write for magazines and newspapers about current events. When she isn’t blogging or studying, Taleen enjoys spending her time discovering new music, redecorating her dorm room, taking BuzzFeed quizzes, FaceTiming her cat and searching for the most delicious cup of coffee in Boston. You can follow her on Twitter @taleensim
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