15 Reasons Your Little Is Actually Your Soul Mate

Boyfriends are great, but let’s be honest, nothing is as good as having your little run into your arms on reveal day. She’s perfect. You picked her right out of the crowd and took your special snowflake right into your perfect lineage. She completes the package. And in turn, she completes you. Your little accepts you for who you truly are, and when it comes down to it, she’s got your back no matter what, so here’s 15 reasons why she is your soul mate:

1. You don’t find it strange if you sleep in the same bed. Whether it’s because you’re upset and you need some love or you fell asleep watching the Bachelor, she doesn’t mind sharing your space, and doesn’t care if you snore.

2. She’ll eat obscene amounts of food with you and never judge you for having cravings at weird hours. She’s the only person who can watch you eat a large order of fried dough bites by yourself and not even wince.

3. If you don’t have a date for a formal or date party, she’s there and she’s ready. She won’t judge you for your awful dance moves and unlike a real date, she can also go on bathroom trips with you.

4. She has 1,000,000,000 saved ugly photos of you and keeps them because she loves to make fun of you, but also because she likes to show other people how weird you are together.

5. She’ll let you borrow anything in her closet—especially when you decide five minutes before everyone is leaving that you’re going out. P.S. she has the best clothes.

6. She’s the only person you’d craft for until you pass out in a pile of glitter. You did everything to make her big little week perfect and you’d do it all over again.

7. She’ll automatically resign to dislike any guy that didn’t text you back, and any bad exes. And she’ll always tell you how much they missed out.

8. You’ll think everything she does is adorable. Even if it’s gross....Actually, especially if it’s gross.

9. She’ll always brighten your day with weird snapchats. It will absolutely make your day to see a photo of her pretending to be snooki.

10. She’ll always take a lineage pic with you, and she’ll even retake it when you hate the first 30.

11. You’ll never get bored with her. Even when it’s just the two of you hanging out, you’ll always find a way to make things interesting.

12. She’ll never make you go out alone. And when you’re there she’ll either keep you from dancing like an idiot, or join you.

13. When you’re not together, she’ll skype you and you’ll talk all about how excited you are to be reunited.

14. She’ll take pilates class or join pure barre with you in a minute, just to spend some extra time together. And she’ll laugh with you at the awkward poses.

15. Because she’ll make up a life story with you about how you’re just going to move in together after college and go to New York, get dogs together, and join closets, because she doesn’t want to be without you. Or maybe it’s the other way around. But either way, it works! And you’re meant for each other.