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15 Easily Binge-Worthy Shows You Need to Watch Now

Haven’t had much time to watch some full length, complex dramas on the TV? It’s okay, me neither. Here are some of the most easily binge-worthy shows you can watch any free minute you get. These all should be available on Netflix, Hulu, and/or Amazon Prime.

Let’s start with the light-hearted comedies. Because how can you go wrong with that?:

1. New Girl

A classic, quirky comedy that sadly just ended. I’ve loved this show from the very beginning, so I definitely already miss it. (Available on Netflix and Hulu.)

2. Community

A completely underrated and hilarious show set in a community college. All the characters are so diverse and every single episode is a wild adventure. (Available on Hulu.)

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A silly and woke show with amazing characters. Honestly, who doesn’t love this show? (Available on Hulu.)

4. The Office

I know, I know – EVERYONE has seen The Office. But it’s a classic! It’s so stupidly funny. Everyone and anyone who needs a good laugh can just throw on an episode of it. (Available on Netflix.)

5. The Good Place

Don’t even get me started on this show... it’s so witty and smart and philosophical but also so hilarious and quirky and weird. I love everything about it. The diverse characters are so original, and this show teaches you that there is a moral lesson in everything you do.

6. Gilmore Girls

A light-hearted and easygoing show about a close mother-daughter relationship in a small town in Connecticut. This show follows the adventures of the coming of age story of Rory Gilmore. There’s also a follow-up show years after Rory graduates called A Year In the Life: Gilmore Girls, and it’s just as emotional. (Available on Netflix.)

Next up – exciting, thrilling shows that you actually won’t have nightmares about:

7. Scream

I know this show is Pretty Little Liars and Riverdale-esque, but it surprisingly wasn’t even that bad? If you’re in the mood for a typical high-school thriller, this show is the one for you. (Available on Netflix.)

8. On My Block

A show about gangs, violence, love, but most importantly, friendship. There are so many cliffhangers in this show, you can’t help but keep watching. Season Two just came out and I can’t wait to watch the rest. (Available on Netflix.)

9. You

A show about a creepy stalker. When you watch this show, you’re not really sure who you’re rooting for. (Available on Netflix.)

10. The Act

This new show is absolutely insane. It’s based on a true story about a girl named Gypsy Rose Blanchard who believed all her life that she suffered from several illnesses. But you find out that her mother actually fabricated her illnesses and disabilities as a direct consequence of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Spoiler alert: She ends up murdering her own mother. The show just started, so we haven’t gotten up to that part yet, but so far every single episode has kept me on the edge of my seat. (Available on Hulu.)

Lastly, shows that make you believe everything is messed up and life is hard, but there is always love and happiness at the end of the day:

11. The End of the F***ng World

This show is so dark, yet blissful. I can’t wait for the next season to see James and Alyssa’s love grow in the weirdest way. (Available on Netflix.)

12. Shameless

This show is about a dysfunctional family. Watching them battle their personal and mental health issues makes you really appreciate the importance of family and friends. (Available on Netflix.)

13. Skins

The original ~edgy Tumblr girl ~ show. But for real, this show is a classic. It’s all about sex, drugs, and partying, but you fall in love with every single character and their storyline. (Available on Netflix.)

14. Sex Education

This fairly new show shines light about taboo topics like sex, sexuality, and abortion. Each character is so unique and they truly bring out the best of each other. (Available on Netflix.)

15. Atypical

This show is about a teen on the autism spectrum trying to become more independent since he’s graduating soon. Trying to learn to be his own person, he puts the rest of his family on a whole new path of self-discovery. (Available on Netflix.)

Of course, I didn’t include a lot of classics like Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Stranger Things, How I Met Your Mother, and all that, but everyone already knows those shows!

Keep in mind, these are just a few of my favorites I found myself binging. There are so many more options and I wish that I had the time to explore and watch new shows!

If you have seen and binge-watched these shows, then you know exactly why I’m talking about them. These shows are extremely underrated and deserve more attention.


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Caele (pronounced Kay-lee) is a senior at Boston University studying Advertising and Spanish. She loves books, film, music, photography, food, traveling, fashion, and beauty. Before COVID-19, you could usually find her on the MBTA or in a coffee shop.
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