12 Reasons Why We Aspire to Have a Broad City Friendship

Abbi and Ilana: the two best friends that anyone could have, surpassing legends such as Lane and Rory, Laverne and Shirley, or even Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey. But what makes the two queens so “yas” worthy? Simply because this is a female friendship we can relate to. Here are 12 reasons why Abbi and Ilana are #FriendshipGoals.


1. They understand the worth of anything free, and what it should be used for: cheering to their friendship.


2. They constantly support each other and lift each other up.


3. Their families support each other in the same exact way.



4. They make each other happy, in any situation. Even at a funeral.


5. They constantly come up with new catch phrases and inside jokes.


6. They are so in sync with one another it is hard to understand how they can bear any time apart.


7. They both know that no matter what, they are beautiful on the inside.


8. They know when to party.


9. They know when to care the most.


10. And when to stop caring.


11. Most of all, they love each other unconditionally.


12. They will always be each other’s bests.


You can catch Ilana and Abbi's #FriendshipGoals in their hit show Broad City on Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 10/9c!