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11 Things Only Your Roommate Knows About You

If you’ve never lived with someone before college, having a roommate can be a wakeup call. Someone who’s there 24/7— when you wake up, get ready, do homework and go to bed— is unnerving for many. Things that you were able to hide from your friends at home you’re suddenly unable to hide from your roomie, considering you’re essentially living with her in a jail cell-sized room. If you’re close with your roommate, here are some things she definitely knows about you, whether you want her to or not! 

1. How much you eat

You can try telling people you only eat the standard three meals a day, but your roommate knows this is a boldface lie and that you snack constantly.

2. How often you shower

Whether you shower once a day or once a week— she knows.

3. All of your annoying quirks

You can hide them from the outside world, but not from the person who’s around you 24/7.

4. All of your boy drama

She hears you fighting on the phone or walks in on you two making out. Also, she’s a great shoulder to lean on for advice or a good cry.

5. How much you slack or study

While most people thinks you’re studying, she knows you’re secretly investigating jobs that don’t require a college degree. 

6. How often you need to call your mom

Whether you need to talk to your mom or your mom threatens you to call her, your roommate notices when you step out to chat.

7. That you’re an outfit repeater

Every now and then you have to restart your wardrobe cycle, and who else notices other than the girl that sees you leave for class every day?

8. All of your bodily functions

It’s inevitable. She knows when you get up to go to the bathroom, during the day or in the middle of the night. 

9. How much makeup you wear

She sees you get ready in the morning, so that whole “I’m only wearing eyeliner” bit doesn’t fly anymore. She knows the truth, and she knows what you look like barefaced— and loves you for it regardless!

10. How often you online shop

Your roommate knows that a budget is just a suggestion. She also knows that you’re averaging a package a day in the BU mailroom even if you’re skimping on food.

11. Your deepest, darkest secrets

If you’re close with your roomie, late night gossiping is crucial to maintaining your bond. She’ll know things about you after ten months that people who have known you your whole life probably don’t know.

Some may wish they had some more privacy, but with a roommate, privacy isn’t really an option. Embrace how well your roommate knows you and build a lifelong friendship with her!

Jamie is a freshman in the Boston University College of Communication with the intention of obtaining a degree in Journalism. Her main interests include beauty and lifestyle content, as she seeks to use her extensive knowledge in the beauty industry to help out other girls and spread self-confidence. She hopes to have a career in the magazine industry as a writer. If you can't find Jamie taking a nice, long stroll down Newbury with a Starbucks vanilla iced latte in hand, you'll be sure to find her sitting on BU Beach binge-watching Netflix. Follow Jamie on Instagram: @jamshore
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