11 Things To Do in London Over the Holidays

Do you identify as an anglophile? Going to London over break? Just love planning future trips? Take a look at a few things London has to offer to your wander-lusting soul.


1. Tate Modern

This world-renowned museum recently opened up a new wing containing new exhibits, a tasty restaurant, and an amazing view of the glorious city below. The museum is free to all, but you do have to pay for certain exhibits. If you do go to enjoy the year-round exhibits, they only ask that you donate whatever you can to help keep up the beautiful museum. I took the photo above when I ate at their restaurant and never did get to see the proper viewing area, so I can only imagine how cool that view must have been.


2. Hampstead

The borough of Hampstead attracts many celebrities because of its quiet calm in the midst of such a busy city. On the outskirts of London but just a few tube stops away from Central, Hampstead is home to lush green parks, high street shops, and quaint pubs.


3. Oxford Street

Often brightly decorated for the holidays, Oxford Street is a tourist hub in the winter. The hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers make for a fast-paced environment. Oxford Street is full of a variety of stores that will most definitely capture the interest of everyone. It is also a classic place to take photos because of the large flags that hang high above the street. Also, if you’re a Lush fan, Oxford Street has the flagship Lush store -- which is three stories high and even includes a spa and exclusive products!


4. Borough Market

Feeling a little hungry but not sure what you want to eat? Look no further than Borough Market, home to some of London’s most diverse street food (and in the winter, mulled wine and cider galore). The market is typically chock full of tourists and locals, so if you find that too busy for your liking, feel free to pop into one of the many local pubs and shops in the surrounding area.


5. Carnaby Street & Kingly Court

Carnaby Street is located just off of Oxford Street and is a smaller cobblestone road home to more boutique stores. Carnaby Street is also home to the delicious Kingly food court, with food ranging from Jamaican to typical British cuisine.


6. Selfridges

 Photo Credit: Buildington

You could easily spend a whole day in Selfridges and not realize you were inside one store the entire time. That’s because Selfridges has a whole floor dedicated to food and posh desserts, another floor marketed towards designer fashion, another floor for more general clothes, and another floor for gifts and stationery. It’s a fun place to bring kids in the winter because of their winter wonderland display, but grabbing a milkshake from their food section is fun for the whole family — it’s made with actual cupcakes!


7. The V&A

The Victoria and Albert Museum is home to decorative arts and design. It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. One of the most popular exhibits is the jewelry exhibit, with two floors of jewelry ranging from ancient times up until jewels worn by the Queen.


8. Notting Hill & Portobello Market

Hugh Grant’s famous blue door is just one of many colorful doors and houses to admire in the area. Portobello Market, which is located in the heart of Notting Hill, is a quintessential part of the community and a must-see for anyone in the area.


9. Lions in Trafalgar Square

Don’t leave London without taking the classic picture in front of the lion statues in Trafalgar Square. Technically, you aren’t allowed to climb on them, but most everyone does anyway. I think the security have grown accustomed to the mounds of tourists climbing for that perfect picture.


10. Hyde Park/Regents Park/All the Parks

Chances are, the London winter will yield pretty cold temperatures; however, that’s no excuse for you to stay inside and not stroll in one of London’s beautiful public parks. They are a nice escape from the crowded city, and they’ll be way less crowded than the summer.


11. Neal's Yard

If Instagram is one of your most-used apps, then I suggest you check out Neal’s Yard for some amazingly colorful photos. This quaint alleyway in London has a small courtyard, a few shops, and restaurants to check out. It is a must-see tourist destination, especially if it’s a particularly grey day and you’re in need of some color.


If you do follow your heart and travel across the pond for the holidays, snap some pictures and tag us @hercampusbu on Instagram! Make sure you check out these tourist destinations when you go!